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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Tonight, the search is on for missing Utah college student. This is Camille Cleverley. She is 22 and a senior at Brigham Young University. On the morning of Thursday, August 30, she met with a new tenant at her apartment building near campus. Police believe, but are not certain, that she left around noon to enjoy an afternoon bike ride. No one has seen Camille in five days.

FOX News's Carol McKinley joins us on the phone. Carol, I know that you have some news in this search.

CAROL MCKINLEY, FOX CORRESPONDENT: Yes, I do, Greta. In fact, you just said five days. The Provo police are working hard with the BYU police, the university police, to try to figure this one out. They say the longer this goes, the more they think that Camille might be in danger.

But the new news we have is a lot of these missing girl cases have been solved because of a computer, maybe a Myspace or a cell phone ping that gave some kind of a trail to where this girl went. Well, Camille didn't have a cell phone. Her cell phone had left at a family reunion the week before. She didn't have that that day. She has no computer, even though she is a student. She just went off on her bike with her wallet and her keys.

But one major clue came in just this afternoon when Provo police released some of this information to FOX News, and that is that her debit card was used the day after she disappeared. On Friday, there is a trail of her debit card being used at 11:00 in the morning at a convenience store in Provo. What was purchased was donuts and juice. Now, they did not have a videocamera surveillance that was working that day, so there's no video surveillance available. So the police right now are interviewing the person who was on that shift at the convenience store. And so far, the police say they still don't know who made that purchase — Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: Carol, thank you.

Camille's brother and sister-in-law, David and Staci Cleverley, join us in Salt Lake City, Utah. David, first, you know, we'll do whatever we can to help publicize this. We've been through this so much, we know how tough it is on families. In some ways, this debit card news — it could be good news that — donuts and juice. Maybe your sister took off on her bike and was just getting some food the next day.

DAVID CLEVERLEY, MISSING WOMAN'S BROTHER: Right, yes, since it was purchased on Friday, then hopefully, you know, she just made that purchase and took off for a little bit.

VAN SUSTEREN: Staci, is there any reason to think why — you know, she's a senior in college and maybe she just decided to sort of take off on her bike and perhaps now is having a hard time figuring out how to come back?

STACI CLEVERLEY, MISSING WOMAN'S SISTER-IN-LAW: Not from those that know her. She's a very studious and conscientious student and employee, and for her not to show up to a shift at work or a class or an exam is incredibly uncharacteristic of her.

VAN SUSTEREN: David, has she ever complained about being afraid, people stalking her, problems at school?

DAVID CLEVERLEY: No, nothing like that. She has always had a real great group police officer friends there in Provo and never mentioned anybody here might be suspicious.

VAN SUSTEREN: When did you hear, David, that she might be missing?

DAVID CLEVERLEY: We heard on Saturday, probably about noon, and that was just from a neighbor next door in a different apartment there. And she just gave us a call. And we made a few more phone calls, and as we kept calling, we realized the situation was getting a little worse, so...

VAN SUSTEREN: Staci, I — you know, I mean — Staci, you — oftentimes, people know sooner so they can get sort of a jump on the investigation. You know, this is tough. You guys got a two-day, you know, cold trail almost.

STACI CLEVERLEY: Yes, it's frustrating, but we're grateful that her neighbor did take notice because in a lot of areas, I don't know if I would notice if my neighbor wasn't there for a couple of days. So we're just glad that she called us when she did and that we were able to realize that the situation was serious as soon as we were. And like you said, we called a few people to really make sure that nobody had had contact with her. We contacted hospitals and police departments. And when we came to a dead end there, Dave and I hopped in our car and drove to Provo to get further into it, so...

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, we put her — many pictures of her up on the screen for viewers to see. If anyone recognizes Camille, immediately call the police. David, Staci and the rest of the family are very anxious for information on the whereabouts. Thank you both, and good luck.



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