Cavuto: History is a funny thing

Barack Obama wasn't even a U.S. senator.

Mitt Romney wasn't yet a Massachusetts governor.

Sony's PlayStation 2 was the rage.

And Microsoft’s newly released Xbox was a joke.

Apple unveiled something called the iPod.

And a pharmaceutical company something called the world's first contraceptive patch.

"Gladiator" takes five Oscars.

And a weird twist on typical kids' movies, named "Shrek," takes the nation by storm.

Britney Spears is big.

Lady Gaga is not. Yet.

And Michael Jackson is still alive.

A gallon of gas goes for a $1.46.

And the Democratic favorite for president three years out is Hillary Clinton.

Enron was the company of tomorrow when the year started.

And in bankruptcy protection by the time the year ended.

The NASDAQ was still melting.

And internet stocks themselves imploding.

The economy is struggling.

And the first of George Bush's tax cuts were beginning.

People were talking that September about the Yankees repeating. They didn't.

No one was talking about the Arizona Diamondbacks doing anything. They won everything.

Lance Armstrong won his third Tour de France.

Back in the days we liked France.

Tiger woods' won his second Masters.

Back in the days we liked Tiger.

And Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs.

Back in the days we liked Barry.

They changed. We changed.

Bubbles that burst. Heroes who went bust.

But hard to believe looking back 11 years, what obsessed us that year.

The stuff we were into.

The Harry Potter movie that took in an unprecedented $93 million bucks its opening weekend.

Versus this odd "Pearl Harbor" flick, which ended up not doing nearly as well its opening weekend.

Maybe because we already knew "that" ending.

Was history really worth repeating?

11 years ago..."yesterday"...who could blame them?

11 years ago..."today"...who could have ever imagined...


Funny thing history...

Sometimes it just happens.