Cavuto: Apologies don't just say them, mean them

We're sorry.

That pretty much sums up a little notice I got in the mail the other day from a cable company.

Since it looked like junk mail, I might have otherwise thrown it away…

Until i noticed the sender.

And then the apology.

And then thought about the expense that sender went to, issuing this apology.

I won't bore you with the details or frankly, embarrassingly relay the name of the company here…just that they're idiots.

And they're idiots with huge service issues.

They're known for that.

And spending god knows what to apologize for those service issues in a stupid card or pamphlet or whatever the hell you call it…confirms that.

Here's my view on apologies.

Just say them.

Mean them.

Don't just say you regret spotty service. Improve that service.

Don't just apologize, saying your customers deserve better.

Give them their money back, and "do" better.

Don't just promise better things to come.

Give them something better now.

Because I’m sorry. Sorry doesn't cut it.

It doesn't cut it when politicians say they're sorry for saying something caught on tape, when they're actually just sorry they were caught saying it on tape....

Like when the president said this...

Or a top EPA official said this...

Actually the president didn't even say he was sorry...just misunderstood.

I think the EPA guy was told to say he was sorry...then just shown the door.

But sorry has a pecking order.

And if you're low on that order, sorry, your ass is history.

I'm sorry to say that.

But that's the thing about saying "you're sorry."

Depending on who you are, you don't even have to "say" you're sorry.

You can "regret" something and hope that covers everything.

Or, like I said, go all the way and say you're sorry, and do nothing. Whatever "seems" right?

Just like it seems like the right thing for a company to spend likely thousands of dollars to put out a fancy mailer apologizing for crappy service…but do nothing to correct that crappy service.

The company can get away with that in my neck of the woods because they're a monopoly.

You and I tried that nonsense?

We'd be…history.

That's not fair...

But sorry, I guess that's just the way it is.