Bolton: US in jeopardy if North Korea has deliverable nukes; Hannity, Davis debate double standard on Clinton scandals

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: This is a Fox News Alert. Welcome to "Hannity" on yet another big breaking news night. We're following three major breaking stories, a battle brewing between President Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell as he calls out the Senate majority leader for saying his expectations are actually too high.

Also, President Trump firing back against the destroy Trump media, Democrats over their Russia hysteria and meltdown. It is a brutal takedown!

And also tonight, the president issues a statement of fact, a dire warning to North Korea and Kim Jong-un that he will no longer be held hostage. The world will not be held hostage. This after the rogue regime threatens an attack on Guam. And if Pyongyang -- if they don't get their act together, they will face dire consequences.

Tonight, the options America has to stop North Korea's growing aggression. We'll get into all of this in this breaking news "Opening Monologue."

The president -- he continues to slam who I called the weak, the spineless Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for complaining that, quote, "Trump has excessive expectations." Take a look at the president from earlier today.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I just want him to get to repeal and replace done. I've been hearing repeal and replace now for seven years. I said, Mitch, get to work and let's get it done. They should have had this last one done. They lost by one vote. For a thing like that to happen is a disgrace. And frankly, it shouldn't have happened, that I can tell you.


HANNITY: Senator, why don't you have that sense of urgency the president has? My name today was also brought up when President Trump was asked if Mitch McConnell should, in fact, step down. Watch this.


QUESTION: Some conservative analysts, including Sean Hannity say McConnell should retire?

TRUMP: Well, I'll tell you what. If he doesn't get repeal and replace done and if he doesn't get taxes done, meaning cuts and reform, and if he doesn't get a very easy one to get done, infrastructure -- if he doesn't get them done, then you can ask me that question.

QUESTION: And what is that? A yes or a no?

TRUMP: You can ask me the question. That means ask me that question.


HANNITY: The president's comments come in response to Senator McConnell whining like a 5-year-old, complaining, making excuses to his constituents in Kentucky that the president's expectations are just too high to pass repeal and replace after eight months!

Here's a news flash for Senator McConnell. Get to work, Senator. You don't seem to get that you and your fellow Republicans -- you are the ones that set those excessive expectations. Republicans -- they're the ones who were promised over and over and over and over again for seven years they're going to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

Like Senator John McCain -- he cast the deciding vote that literally derailed this effort to get rid of ObamaCare when it really mattered, not a phony vote. So if senators like McConnell, McCain, and you can throw Susan Collins of Maine in, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska in, who voted not to get rid of what they promised to get rid of. These Republicans -- if you can't get your job done, then it's time for you to step aside, get out of the way. We need new people in those positions.

Americans are suffering every day because of this! So it's time to clean house, put leaders in charge who are going to listen and serve the American people. And while we're at it, as the president mentioned today, it's time for those senators, yes, to lose their chairmanships if they are going to hold the whole party hostage!

If Senator McConnell wants to make excuses and whine constantly about President Trump being too demanding -- Senator, time to retire. And you know what else? It's time to drastically cut Congress's vacation time.

Seriously? They're on vacation? Get this. In the month of August, the Senate will be in session for a whopping three days. Wouldn't you all like a month off? I would. And for the year, the Senate -- well, they're off for a total of 69 days. That's over three months!

Most of you, including myself, watching this program, what do you take, two, three weeks a year, maybe a couple of long weekends? And senators like McConnell -- they don't show up for work for 69 days and then complain when the president is calling them out for not keeping their promises and getting the job done?

It's time for Mitch McConnell to get it together or go home, retire, play golf, have a good -- go on a fishing trip.

Also tonight, President Trump firing back at the destroy Trump media and Democrats who claim that he's going to fire the special counsel, Robert Mueller. The president also slammed this Russia, Russia, collusion, hysteria and breathless reporting. Watch this.


TRUMP: I've been reading about it from you people. You say, oh, I'm going to dismiss him. No, I'm not dismissing anybody. I mean, I want them to get on with the task. But I also want the Senate and the House to come out with their findings. Now, judging from the people leaving the meetings, leaks, but they leave the meetings all the time and they say, No, we haven't found any collusion. There is no collusion. You know why? Because I don't speak to Russians.


HANNITY: In other breaking news, the president also defended his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, after we learned earlier this week that the FBI literally executed a pre-dawn raid of his home because he didn't follow Hillary Clinton's example. Watch this.


TRUMP: I know Mr. Manafort. Haven't spoken to him in a long time, but I know him. He was with the campaign, as you know, for a very short period of time, relatively short period of time. But I've always known he's a good man. I thought it was a very -- you know -- they do that very seldom.
So I was surprised to see it. I was very, very surprised to see it.

I've always known Paul Manafort to be a very decent man. And he's like a lot of other people, probably makes consultant fees from all over the place. Who knows? I don't know. But I thought that was a very -- that's pretty tough stuff.


HANNITY: We'll have more on all of this later in the program, but our top story tonight, the president is not backing down in this nuclear standoff with North Korea. After Pyongyang said that they're threatening to attack Guam and they called his "fire and fury" comments, oh, a load of nonsense, the president responding with very strong language and a promise for Kim Jong Un. Take a look.


TRUMP: For people who are questioning that statement -- was it too tough? Maybe it wasn't tough enough. They've been doing this to our country for a long time, for many years. And it's about time that somebody stuck up for the people of this country and for the people of other countries.

So if anything, maybe that statement wasn't tough enough. What they've been getting away with is a tragedy. And it can't be allowed.

The people of our country are safe, our allies are safe -- and I will tell you this. North Korea better get their act together or they're going to be in trouble like few nations ever have been in trouble in this world.


HANNITY: How refreshing? Especially compared to Obama and former president Clinton which allowed this to happen. The president did also, very importantly -- he warned North Korea about their proposed plan to fire missiles near Guam. Watch this.


TRUMP: I read about where in Guam, by August 15th -- let's see what he does with Guam. He does something in Guam, it will be an event the likes of which nobody's seen before, what will happen in North Korea.

It's a statement. Has nothing to do with dare. That's a statement. He's not going to go around threatening Guam and he's not going to threaten the United States and he's not going to threaten Japan and he's not going to threaten South Korea. No, that's not a dare, as you say, that is a statement of fact.


HANNITY: Let's show you exactly what North Korea is threatening against Guam. A top military general put out a statement last night saying that the rogue regime is drawing up a plan due to be completed by mid-August which calls for North Korea to launch four missiles into the waters off the coast of Guam.

Earlier today, the president -- well, he also addressed the policies of appeasement and capitulation that were carried out and championed by Democrats the last 25 years when it comes to North Korea. We don't learn from history, we're doomed to repeat it, right?

For example, former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice writing an op-ed for The New York Times today, suggesting that America, quote, "may need to," quote, "tolerate a nuclear-armed North Korea the same way the U.S. did with the former Soviet Union"?

Remember, it was 1994, the Clinton administration. They cut a deal with Kim Jong Un's father, Kim Jong-il, giving North Korea $4 billion in energy aid in exchange for the promise that the rogue regime would freeze and eventually end its nuclear weapons program.

Bill Clinton said this was a good deal for the American people. Take a look.


BILL CLINTON, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: This is a good deal for the United States. North Korea will freeze and then dismantle its nuclear program. South Korea and our other allies will be better protected. The entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons.


HANNITY: Predictably, the deal turned into a complete and utter disaster, and it's a direct reason why we are in the situation we are in on the edge, the world being on edge tonight with North Korea.

Earlier today, the president called out President Clinton's foolish mistakes. Watch this.


TRUMP: We'll always consider negotiations, but they've been negotiating now for 25 years. Look at Clinton. He folded on the negotiations. He was weak and ineffective.


HANNITY: The president clearly is not going to repeat the policies of appeasement of the past. As we have now been saying on this program for years and years and for the past couple of nights, there really are not any great solutions when it comes to North Korea.

Last night on this show, however, the deputy assistant to the president, Dr. Sebastian Gorka -- he hinted perhaps there are. Take a look.


SEBASTIAN GORKA, DEPUTY ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT: There are numerous scenarios that do not involve the use of force or some kind of conflagration on the Korean peninsula. There are covert means. There are means that we don't discuss on television that can incapacitate a regime's capacity to use its military.


HANNITY: And earlier this week on this program, the former speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich -- he gave a brilliant assessment of how to deal with the North Korean threat by building a strategic defense system that President Reagan proposed. And that gives us, what, 10, 20, 30, 40 chances if, God forbid, an ICBM is headed to the United States, instead of just one or two shots at getting it out with a THAAD missile system, anti-missile system.

All right, joining us now, FOX News military analyst General Jack Keane.
General, I've been saying on the air, no real good solutions. I'm listening to the president today, and I don't think the president could be any stronger -- the likes of which we've have never seen. And maybe what he said the first day wasn't even strong enough. And this is a statement, a fact, not a dare. This will happen. Your thoughts.

I mean, clearly, the president is totally fed up now that he has all the facts in terms of what the last 25 years have been like with the Kim dynasty. He knows full well that his predecessors, through policies on negotiations, diplomacy, appeasement and accommodation have brought the Kim dynasty to the point now where they're nuclearizing ICBMs that threaten the American people.

And that certainly has frustrated him and he's fed up with it. And he's clearly sending a signal to this leader that, I intend to deter you because I have -- one, have the capability to destroy you, and I have, two, the intent to do it. You are -- I am not going to permit you to do harm to the American people.

He wants to get inside Kim's head and make certain he clearly understands that and that the policies of the past are flat over.

HANNITY: You know...

KEANE: That's what this is about.

HANNITY: General, I know that mutually assured destruction worked during the Cold War with the former Soviet Union. Are we dealing with somebody that's capable of understanding that this country would be incinerated, that many would die? Is it -- and this is the danger as we just played, Bill Clinton. Oh, this is a good deal for the American people. It wasn't a good deal for the American people. Just like the Iranian deal, as the president said today, is not good for the American people.

What is it about this inability of some on the left to understand you cannot negotiate and bribe, you know, these rogue regimes and dictators, that they don't keep their word?

KEANE: Yes. The Cold War is very instructive to us because the cold war was very successful in using deterrence against the Soviet Union. And to have effective deterrence, Sean, there's two things you got to have. You have to have, number one, real military capability. Your adversary's got to understand that that capability is there. And we have that.

Number two, your adversary's got to understand that you intend to use it.
He's got to believe that, that there is political will and there's commitment to use that force if necessary.

The Soviet Union understood that clearly and understood it very dramatically when President Reagan was president. What we've had recently is appeasement, accommodation. And that is what has generated -- I think it's a rational decision on Kim's part to nuclearize ICBMs, put the American people at risk and guarantee forever then that the United States would never do regime change, which he's paranoid about.

That is a rational strategy he actually has, not irrational. It's rational. His bellicose language and his verbosity and his tendency to say that, I'm going to destroy the American people -- certainly, that...


KEANE: ... language is unacceptable.

HANNITY: All right, last question, General. And we really appreciate your insight here. On a scale of 1 to 10, how dangerous is this situation for the United States and the world tonight?

KEANE: Well, it's a dangerous situation. Let me just say it in my own words. I don't believe we're going to war with North Korea. I think this president will keep us out of that war because the Chinese are believing that this president is sincere about what he intends to do to protect the American people. And the Chinese, at the end of the day, while they have been gaming us for years and they've playing this president a little bit -- step one, and it's only step one, was the U.N. resolution that the Chinese backed. There's more to be done on their part. The president is...

HANNITY: But they keep threatening -- is this a 7? Is this an 8? And I'm not trying to pin you down. You know that.

KEANE: I'm not going to play that game. I don't play that game.


KEANE: I'm saying no war. There will be no war.

HANNITY: I hope not.

KEANE: The American people can relax.

HANNITY: I don't know about relaxing. This is pretty bad. They're nuts. General, good to see you. Thank you, sir.

KEANE: Good talking with you.

HANNITY: Here now with more reaction, former senior intelligence officer Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer. Fox News contributor Lieutenant Colonel Michael Waltz is with us. Lieutenant Colonel Shaffer, let me begin with you.


HANNITY: How dangerous is this, and is this now coming to a head?

SHAFFER: Look, it's as dangerous as ever by the fact that we've allowed this to linger since 1954. And the fact is this. The biggest danger to actual armed conflict, Sean, is miscalculation. General Keane just laid out the essence of what we're facing now. We have to actually go about doing what we have to find a way to convince the North Koreans that the idea of appeasement, of buying you off is going to end.

The current problems go back to 1994, to October '94, when we entered into this so-called Framework agreement that President Clinton put us in. And Sean, let me tell you something. We knew back then that they had five nuclear weapons. The very premise of the concept was flawed from day one.
And it's only gotten worse.

So we do have options to try to take action against the North Koreans. We can do special operations options. We've had that on the books since the '90s. Look, we've done effective things against the Iranians using advanced technology, cyber operations, information operations. That's another option.

And frankly, the last one we have right now is to make a show that shooting your missiles will be completely feckless by the fact we have the THAAD and the Aegis systems right off the coast. We could knock those missiles down, if we so choose. So the president does have some options short of going to war to show that we mean business.

HANNITY: Lieutenant Colonel Waltz, let me ask you, as we now move forward here -- and I keep saying there's no good options because we allowed him to get to this point.


HANNITY: And that being the case, if we have to take military action here, even if we had a coalition of the willing including China and Russia -- let's say Israel, Western European allies -- and we have to go in militarily and we're taking out these nuclear sites, he has nukes.

And is there a risk of nuclear fallout? Is there risk that he can fire at Guam, South Korea, Seoul, China, Japan before we actually take the sites out? Is that a real worry and concern? Worst-case scenario, how many people dead are we talking about?

WALTZ: Well, the Trump card, so to -- for lack of a better term, that Kim Jong Un has is his artillery, thousands of pieces, and his rockets that are aimed at Seoul, you know, a city of 25 million-plus people. So that -- you know, imagine artillery raining down on a city like Manhattan.

I'm not confident -- I mean, you know, what this would look like is essentially our stealth capability, our cyber, our electronic warfare capability going in early to take down his air defenses so that we then have the follow-on bombers that could get in and get to his missile sites and get, hopefully, him and his command and control infrastructure.

But while that is happening, keep in mind they've dug these things in for
50 years into the sides of mountains, into bunker complexes. And while that is going to take a little bit of time, artillery and rockets could be raining down on Seoul. That's the big, you know...

HANNITY: All right, artillery and rockets -- well, in other words, that they would fire and they have the ability -- they obviously would have the ability to know there's an attack that is imminent, correct?

WALTZ: Well, that's right. I mean, I think we could get in and get a lot of their nuclear capability and their missile sites before a lot of that occurs, but enough of it's going to occur that it's going to cause collateral civilian casualties.

But Sean, the point is that getting back to talks, which is what a lot of people are saying we need to kind of simmer down and get back to negotiation, is going to allow his military capabilities to mature even further.

HANNITY: All right, guys. Thank you both for being with us on this busy breaking news night.

We'll have more on the escalating tensions with North Korea. Ambassador John Bolton -- he's next, and much more tonight straight ahead.



TRUMP: If North Korea does anything in terms of even thinking about attack of anybody that we love or we represent or our allies or us, they can be very, very nervous. I'll tell you what. And they should be very nervous because things will happen to them like they never thought possible.


HANNITY: That was President Trump earlier today delivering yet another stern warning to North Korea and Kim Jong Un.

Here now, Fox News contributor, former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. -- John Bolton is with us.

This now -- after really a number of presidents and the policy of appeasement -- and the worst, obviously, in this case was Bill Clinton -- the worst on Iran was Barack Obama. But for the president to go out there and say, Sorry, this is a statement of fact. This isn't a dare. This is not -- the -- this means something -- how does -- how is that a game changer, considering probably North Korea thinks they can roll America for another, you know, $50 billion in free money and not keep their word?

JOHN BOLTON, FMR. U.S. AMB. TO U.N., FOX CONTRIBUTOR: Well, sure. After 25 years of failed policies, you can't count on North Korea appreciating because of their astute political insights that the leadership in America has changed. And that's why I think clear statements from the president are important.

There are two elements here. One is if there's an attack from North Korea on Guam, that's American soil. The citizens of Guam are American citizens.
And at that point, you don't even want to think about what the retaliation would be. That's clear, and I think stating that is important so that there's no misunderstanding.

The second issue, though, is whether or not the president should strike preemptively. And I think on that score, there's a legitimate debate, but I think people have to ask themselves whether they're prepared to see North Korea with deliverable nuclear weapons as far as the eye can see. I'm not willing to tolerate that risk.

HANNITY: Well, I tend to agree with you, but I also -- I shudder to think of the human carnage that's involved here. You know, the best scenario would be, Oh, Kim Jong-un gets the message, he grows up, he stops the saber rattling, stops firing missiles, lets the world go in and inspect what he's doing. But we both know that's not going to happen.

Short of that, is there anything you can think of militarily that we would be able to do that would effectively shut down their ability to launch those weapons?

BOLTON: Well, number one, I do think there's one diplomatic option. We talked about it before. That's persuading China to help us reunify the peninsula. But if that diplomatic option is absent, there are a huge range of military alternatives. And that's why it's important for the American people to make the decision. Are you prepared to live with a nuclear North Korea, or are you not?

Susan Rice argues in The New York Times today she's perfectly prepared...

HANNITY: Tolerate nuclear weapons.

BOLTON: ... to live with a nuclear -- yes. Look, and she and many people like her argued for 25 years, you know, We can talk the North out of nuclear weapons. So their track record leaves something to be desired.

Obviously, no one wants to see carnage on the Korean peninsula. No one wants to see the Americans there in peril or the people in South Korea or Japan. But let's be clear who's ultimately in peril here if North Korea has deliverable nuclear weapons, and I might say Iran at the same time. The people who are really in jeopardy are the citizens of the United States. So that's...


HANNITY: ... the last question that I asked General Keane. On a scale of 1 to 10, how dangerous is this to the world and the United States right now?

BOLTON: I think it's very dangerous. I think this is -- our day's analogy to the Cuban missile crisis. I don't think we really have confidence we know what Kim Jong Un and his generals will decide. That's one of the reasons why if there's going to be military action, it ought to be sooner rather than later. This situation does not get better for the United States over time. It continuously gets worse and more dangerous.

HANNITY: And millions could potentially die.

BOLTON: Exactly, American citizens.

HANNITY: Frightening. All right, Ambassador, thank you.

BOLTON: Thank you.

HANNITY: Chilling times.

When we come back, President Trump -- he fires back after Senator McConnell says he has excessive expectations. Really? Seven-and-a-half years? Lou Dobbs here next.


MARIANNE RAFFERTY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Live from America news headquarters, I'm Marianne Rafferty.

The Chinese government appears to be outlining their role in the conflict between the United States and North Korea. According to the Chinese state run newspaper China would stay neutral if North Korea launches an attack that threatens the United States. But if America strikes first and tries to overthrow the North's government, China would stop them.

China is North Korea's most important ally. The country has expressed frustration with Pyongyang's nuclear and missile tests, as well as a behavior from the United States.

And Louisiana's governor declaring a state of emergency for New Orleans after the city's water pumping system malfunctioned. Heavy rains over the weekend causing some serious flooding and more is in the forecast. The pump failure means the city's ability to drain storm water has diminished.

I'm Marianne Rafferty. Now back to HANNITY.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I just wanted to get to repeal and replace done. I've been hearing repeal and replace now for seven years.

I said, Mitch, get to work and let's get it done. They should have had this last one done. They lost by one vote. For a thing like that to happen is a disgrace. And frankly, it shouldn't have happened, that I can tell you.


HANNITY: That was President Trump earlier today calling out the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, urging him to keep his promise after seven and a half long years to repeal and replace Obamacare. This after McConnell said that President Trump had excessive expectations. The president has vowed to drain and sewer, the swamp that is D.C., that includes Republicans that have no urgency, can't keep up, get nothing done.
Is it time for Senator McConnell now to retire and make way for new leadership that does have a sense of urgency and a desire to move?

Here now with reaction, Fox News Business anchor, our friend Lou Dobbs. Sir, how are you?

LOU DOBBS, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK: Great to be with you.

HANNITY: Congrats on your great ratings. How many months number one in all of business?

DOBBS: I believe it is 19 months.

HANNITY: I'm so sorry. It is really a failure. You are really doing horrible.


DOBBS: You are lighting it up.

HANNITY: Here's what I want to ask you, because he did do a good job with Gorsuch. But these Republicans, if it is an excessive expectation that they can't get that done into nine months into the presidency, I have no more patience. Republicans are so disappointed, so discouraged, and I'm a registered conservative, so angry at their lack of urgency, because Americans are suffering.

DOBBS: They are suffering. This election was about the forgotten man and woman that President Trump brought back to the forefront of public policy, or at least we thought so. But as you watch Mitch McConnell, it is very clear he needs a snuff box up near his nose as he condescends and patronized as the president of the United States with his excessive ambition, his hard work, his work ethic that has never been seen before in Washington, D.C. And Mitch McConnell holds forth saying his expectations are just too great. And the American people just must stay in place.

HANNITY: Can I just say, I don't know anybody that has as much time off as these people that accomplish so little as they did in the Senate. And then even the little skinny repeal bill, the little skinny repeal bill which was nothing that we wanted or was promised. Go ahead, sir.

DOBBS: No, I mean, when you look at what McConnell has done, what Ryan has done, the Republican Party is in crisis and doesn't even know it. This party is led by people maintaining the status quo. This election, President Trump is an office to get rid of the old ways and bring in the new, to disrupt and to, if you will, discomfort all of the people who are willing to sit on their hands with their sinecures in the Senate and the House instead of working for a living and representing the people who do work for a living.

HANNITY: With all that said, so much good news, over a million jobs have been created, 9,000 people in the workforce, Obama era regulations gone, the lowest number of people on food stamps in seven years. And I'm like you people can't -- and I heard the president urgency and frustration because this isn't like how the real world works.

DOBBS: No, it is not.

HANNITY: Not how carpenters and plumbers and electricians --

DOBBS: And some of these jobs are back. People said that he couldn't do it in the first term let alone in the first six months of his presidency.
He is doing exactly that.

HANNITY: We have got tapes of all the times that McConnell and McCain promised again and again and again repeal and replace.

DOBBS: Repeal, repeal, repeal.

HANNITY: It is so frustrating. Lou, good to see you, sir.

DOBBS: Great to be with you, Sean, thanks.

HANNITY: Appreciate it, thank you.

And when we come back, one on one, Hannity versus Lanny Davis about why the left, why do they always get a free pass? Why does his friend Hillary get away with basically anything and everything? That's next.


HANNITY: Welcome back to HANNITY. For decades the Clinton political machine has been rocked by scandals, but for some reason the mainstream establishment, destroy-Trump media, they always get a pass. Why is that?

Joining us now, former special counsel to President Clinton, founder of Trident DMG, Lanny Davis. I quote him often. He wrote a book that I really like. I mentioned this when I was in Washington with you, "Tell the truth, tell it all, tell it early, tell it to yourself." I'm going to start with a compliment, then I'm going to really hound you politically hard in spite of our friendship. You are so loyal to your friends -- I admire your strength, your fight, your loyalty, your belief system. I like loyalty. I think it is a great quality in people. I know you are a passionate person on the left. It is real for you like conservatism is real for me. So I have great respect.


HANNITY: Your book is a great roadmap for people in trouble. I quote it all the time even though I don't like you. I'm kidding. But here's my question. If I deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails, if I did it, Sean Hannity did it, if Sean Hannity then took BleachBit and acid washed basically the hard drives that had -- the emails were on in a server in a mom and pop shop bathroom closet, which is mishandling classified information, if I had somebody I know smashed devices that were under subpoena, BlackBerrys, iPhones, if I had somebody, if that guy asked for my devices and I sent them devices without SIM cards, why do I think that I will be calling you from jail after my mug shot was posted, and I would be saying, Lanny, can you help me out? And ask you for a cake with a file.

DAVIS: First of all, thank you for your compliments and for your criticisms. I still love you even though you are mostly wrong.

HANNITY: No, you don't. You don't love me. You're just lying to people.

DAVIS: You are mostly wrong. I forgive you.

But on what you just said, the FBI thoroughly, the FBI for one year thoroughly investigated every single allegation you just made and found that there was no reason to prosecute Hillary Clinton. That's a one-year investigation, and that was a unanimous view of the investigation agents that led the investigation, not just Mr. Comey. So I could quarrel with your statement of what you said whether they are true or not, but I go back to the FBI's final determination.

HANNITY: OK, you can rely on that. But what I am arguing here is if you delete subpoenaed emails and you acid wash the hard drive and you smash devices --

DAVIS: I heard you.

HANNITY: I know you have heard me, but I like to repeat myself.


HANNITY: That to me is obstruction of justice. The law is very clear about mismanaging classified, top-secret special access program information and deleting such, both of which Comey said she did.

DAVIS: So just for your audience to know that I don't accept the factual accuracy of what you said --

HANNITY: That is called truth.

DAVIS: But I will quote James Comey, who I have a great deal of disrespect for as doing something completely contrary to the Justice Department policy because he thought he gets away with it violating policies when he sent his October 28th, letter. So I have no admiration for Mr. Comey. I have a good deal of criticism. But he conducted a one year investigation on each of the topics you raised the 33,000 you mentioned are personal, non-State Department related emails that were deleted, which everyone in Washington who has personal emails would agree they are not the subject of a subpoena about State Department official business, classified information mishandling. That is the answer.

HANNITY: Lanny, I know my audience is watching and they are saying 33,000 deleted emails, you can't put top-secret, classified, special access program information on a mom and pop shop bathroom closet in a server there. And we have been told 99.9 percent by foreign intelligence agencies got that top-secret special access program information.

So my audience is listening to you, and this is what they are thinking, Lanny, like I am. Lanny is a nice guy. How does he believe this, because he knows that there is not equal justice under the law and that when you talk about discretion, sometimes there are political consideration, and what I am arguing to you is the Clintons always get the political considerations, and the rest of us, we'd get thrown in jail. And Paul Manafort's mistake is he didn't delete all the emails and acid wash them like Hillary. He should have done that, right?

DAVIS: We can disagree over whether the FBI is in the tank for Democrats or not, but the FBI reached all conclusions opposite of your inferences.
From where I sit, and it's all in the eye of the beholder, I see bogus scandals to which the Clintons had been subjected to that never lead to anything, $70 million later, tax dollars, Ken Starr came up with nothing on Whitewater. So I see the opposite. But that is not unusual for you and me, Sean.

HANNITY: I heard there was an indictment written on Whitewater.

DAVIS: Saying I heard that without citing the source without stating a fact I cannot argue with because it is speculative. But I know that the FBI took a year doing everything possible, and they found no criminal violations by Hillary.

HANNITY: Lanny, this is why when your liberal friends come after me for --

DAVIS: I defend you.

HANNITY: -- for walking on the street and not the sidewalk I'm going to hire you, because --

DAVIS: I will defend your right to be wrong, and I really do defend the First Amendment rights that you have as well as I have.

HANNITY: I can only say that the statute of limitations have not run out. Uranium One is even a bigger problem which we've talked about --

DAVIS: Let's talk about next program. I can do that with you, too.

HANNITY: All right, Lanny. See why we don't like each other? It's so obvious.

DAVIS: When we come back, liberals, members of the establishment, destroy- Trump media, they seem even more scared of President Trump's rhetoric than they are of Kim Jong Un. We will check in with Dr. Gina Loudon and Jessica Tarlov about Trump hate next.


HANNITY: Welcome back to HANNITY. So liberals, the destroy-Trump media continue to go after President Trump over his stance on North Korea and other issues. They've even gone so far as to compare our president to the dictator of the rogue regime in North Korea, Kim Jong Un. Really? Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It just does not help when our allies in the countries in the region can't tell whether it's Donald Trump or Kim Jong-un who is a crazier one.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I used to have a huge file folder of all the crazy colorful things that the North Koreans would say and the names that they would call our American president. So President Trump sounds more like a North Korean leader, unfortunately, than an American leader.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you read a paragraph in the beginning of the newspaper that said this, "A bellicose, threatening, emotionally immature, insecure leader did x," a year ago where do you have thought the president of the United States was that person or would you have thought the head of North Korea was that person?


HANNITY: Here now with reaction FOX News contributor Jessica Tarlov and psychology, political radio talk host Dr. Gina Loudon. Good to see you both. I won't even ask Jessica, because you would never do this, right, you never would?

JESSICA TARLOV, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Compare him to Kim Jong-un? No. I would say a lot of things. That is going too far.

HANNITY: And Dr. Loudon, if a conservative did this, we know, oh, there would be calls for boycotts and firings, and, oh, my gosh, you compared, say, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, how they were appeasers to a rogue dictator, there will be a backlash. No backlash against this media.

DR. GINA LOUDON, PSYCHOLOGY EXPERT AND RADIO HOST: No. No backlash against the media, and probably no reprisals on these individuals who would take these crazy stands. Talk about who is crazy. They are more concerned, Sean, about the power in their own lives and their own jobs and on the left than they are about to lives of American people. Think about that for a moment.

TARLOV: OK, I want to say the rhetoric about the comparisons to Kim Jong Un I do think is a stretch too far. But there are Republicans who are opposed to the rhetoric that Donald Trump used. I know you're going to say John McCain isn't a Republican anymore because of what he did about the health care bill, but I believe he still is a card carrying Republican.
You have the former chief of staff to Colin Powell coming out and saying that he is more concerned about the rhetoric that came from Donald Trump then he is about a nuclearized North Korea.

LOUDON: But Jessica, it's those people exactly that got this president elected but the people who are really tired of a party that is --

TARLOV: But you are saying it is all about the liberals. It's not about the liberals.

LOUDON: I am saying that it is the establishment and it's not about partisan politics.

HANNITY: Can I have a point here. Jessica, will you agree what I played, and I think I am the only one that I know in the media, not that I watch every show, or any show, to be honest, I'm too busy working. But would you agree when Bill Clinton went before the people of this country and said it's a good deal for the American people, and you are not going to get nuclear weapons -- he failed because he was an appeaser. He failed because he believed he could bribe Kim Jong-il, Un's father, into being good.

TARLOV: I don't think anyone on the left or the rights would say that we do not have a failed policy towards North Korea, that, by the way --

HANNITY: Bill Clinton failed this country. That's why we are here tonight.

TARLOV: We have to move on from that. And what did George Bush do? Nothing. What about George Bush?

HANNITY: That's really lame.

TARLOV: But I would agree that it is failed policy over decades that has led us to where we are.

HANNITY: It was Clinton that gave him the money and Clinton that let him keep the fuel rods.

LOUDON: And Obama that led to it all grow up underneath his administration.

HANNITY: Dr. Loudon, are we going to look in a few years at Iran and the
$150 billion Obama gave the mullahs and say, whoops, we are in the same position because we thought bribery could work.

LOUDON: Yes, Sean, and in the media right now with the way that people are treating their president, how are they going to explain if there is a mishap based on the rhetoric that they are putting out there?

HANNITY: Final exit question, to quote John McLaughlin, is it possible at this point in time that we can learn the lesson that bribing rogue dictatorships does not work with Obama and the mullahs and Clinton and the North Koreans? Can we now learn that appeasement doesn't work?

TARLOV: There are people out of the Trump administration who are even saying that the deal is actually being enforced and they are playing by the rules, those are Trump officials.

HANNITY: Donald Trump says --

TARLOV: Donald Trump says all sorts of things. But remember --

HANNITY: What does that have to do with my question? Did we learn that appeasement doesn't work?

TARLOV: With the North Koreans, but we haven't found it yet with the Iranians.

HANNITY: That's so naive.

LOUDON: You wait until they fire a nuclear weapon until you decide that appeasement does not work. They called Reagan crazy, too, and Reagan took out Russia's power without firing a shot.

HANNITY: I got to roll. And strategic defense had a big part of that.

When we come back, a very special guest, our final word, straight ahead.


HANNITY: Welcome back to HANNITY. Singer, songwriter, and Trump supporter Joy Villa, she's here to deliver tonight's final word. You may remember that Joy sparked liberal outrage. Why. She wore a "Make America Great Again" dress to the Grammys. Tonight she will explain why she supports the president. She gets the final word.


JOY VILLA, SINGER/SONGWRITER: Here is today's final word. Why do I love President Trump so much? First of all, we finally have a warrior in the White House. He is not afraid to say what he means and mean what he says.
He says he's going to deliver jobs, he delivers jobs. He says we're going to increase security, we increase security. He upholds the constitution and protects religious freedom.

People don't understand how easy it is to be misaligned and looked over when you have a president who doesn't care about your needs. But in America, we have so much freedom because Donald Trump is in the White House. Our commander in chief is not only a warrior in the White House, but he is a lion in the White House. And I, for one, feel better about being an American.

That has been today's final word. I'm Joy Villa.


HANNITY: Joy, by the way, I've become a big fan of her music. You can enjoy it, too, obviously. You can get it on YouTube or wherever fine records and CDs are sold.

That is all the time we have left for this evening. As always, thanks for being with us. This show will always be fair and balanced. We will never be part of the establishment, destroy-Trump media. This is your alternative voice. We appreciate your support. We'll see you back here tomorrow night.

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