Black and White Issue

No some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Black and White Issue

A new book by a long-time White House correspondent cites President Obama saying race is a significant element in the Tea Party movement.

Kenneth Walsh writes in "Family of Freedom" -- quote -- "In May 2010 -- [President Obama] told guests at a private White House dinner that race was probably a key component in the rising opposition to his presidency from conservatives... especially right-wing activists in the anti-incumbent 'Tea Party' movement.... He agreed that there was a 'subterranean agenda' in the anti-Obama movement -- a racially biased one -- that was unfortunate. But he sadly conceded that there was little he could do about it."

By show time, White House officials had not responded to our question about the Tea Party comment.

Tale of the Tape

A federal grand jury has reportedly been given voicemails that may provide evidence of former Senator John Edwards' involvement in the cover-up of his extra-marital affair and his child from that relationship.

The Justice Department is trying to determine if it should prosecute the two-time presidential candidate over payments his donors made to keep his mistress and their daughter in hiding during the 2008 campaign.

Edwards denies breaking finance laws. Meantime, he has bolstered his defense team by adding former White House lawyer Greg Craig.

On the Clock

And finally, a New York waterfront commissioner insisted he was on official police business when the Daily News caught him illegally parking outside New York University Law School for six hours.

Ronald Goldstock had been teaching a class on corruption. He had used a state-issued parking sign to get a choice parking spot outside the school. When asked what kind of police business he had been on, he said he had attended a lunch sponsored by the law school.