Welcome to GhostSingles.com, the dating website for ghosts

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I'm done with living women. They're so fleshy and warm-blooded and urgh.

So I'm switching to the obvious alternative. Dead women.

For so long, the deceased babes of this world have been inaccessible, locked behind some great, fantastical void of grey nothingness. But thanks to the magic of the interwebs, ghosts are quickly becoming an integral part of the online dating community.

Introducing GhostSingles.com, a dating website where ghosts can meet attractive ghost-lovers like me who are posing as ghosts.

The cornerstone of the site is a state-of-the-art search engine, which not only sorts single ghosts by their gender and age (18 years old to 1,000+ years), but lets you choose between people who died horrible, mysterious, tragic or sudden deaths.

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Just build a profile, complete with information like your build (wispy, ethereal, cloudy) and how you found the site (seance, fate), and you're released to frolic with the prettiest poltergeists in the universe.

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