Viral 'coffin' prank causing thousands in damage

The latest prank that all the kids are into is a little more destructive than the toilet paper of yesteryear: Called "Put 'em in a coffin" and based on a Vine video from May that's gone viral, it involves throwing yourself back-first onto the tops of cars (and grocery displays, and classroom desks, and one another, etc.).

And for at least one Houston man and his wife, the damage is into the thousands. Last Friday, James McHugh, 28, found both his BMW and his wife's car seriously dented across the hoods, reports KPRC-TV, and a home security camera caught grainy footage of seven young men approaching his property.

He says it'll cost about $4,000 for the repairs. "You work hard, and then to have that much money washed away for 10 seconds of laughter—it's very frustrating," McHugh says.

People have been posting videos on YouTube, Vine, and other social media sites since rapper VonMar of the group ThotBoyz posted the original back in May, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Since then, his video has been viewed more than 3 million times on Vine. As for McHugh, there's no word yet on whether his own security footage will help identify the vandals.

(This high school prank resulted in 62 arrests.)

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