Twitter Users to Help Choose New Archbishop of Canterbury

There's no doubt that Twitter has by now ingrained itself as an extremely useful tool for techies, social media mavens and even regular old joes. Here are some of the things folks routinely use it for: real-time news, search results, monitoring hot topics...and choosing the next Archbishop of Canterbury. Wait, what?

You heard that right. According to an article published this week in The Telegraph UK, the Church of England has decided to open up the typically locked-down process of picking the next Archbishop of Canterbury to "widespread public consultation," scheduled to come to a close by the end of May.

The organization behind the process, the Crown Nominations Commission, typically presents the Prime Minister with two possible successors the current Archbishop of Canterbury. But this year, the commission has stated that they will consult "senior figures in orther faiths, the secular world and the life of the nation."

Apparently, the latter means that they're opening consultation up to the world of Twitter as well.

A spokesperson from the Church of England said that multiple forms of media would be used to announce the invitation, including the Church press and yes, Twitter. The Church of England reportedly holds an existing account on the social networking site where they already post brief news updates, and will use the platform to ask the wider Twittersphere to "offer names and views of the needs of the diocese of Canterbury and the wider community."

There hasn't been any word as yet regarding how much weight the Twitter nominations will have in the selection process.

via Telegraph UK