Ever feel like going invisible? A new invisibility kit promises to deliver the power to disappear if you’ve got the cash.

For a mere $20,009.99, the Invisible Man Kit by OpticsPlanet could be yours.

The company suggests the 36 products in their Invisibility Kit could be used for a number of purposes including law enforcement and military operations -- very different disappearing acts than the kind seen on "Breaking Bad."

For the single man, the company recommends it for “dating.” For the hunters, OpticsPlanet says to “leave the mud to the amateurs. This is the 21st century, and you deserve the most advanced, sophisticated invisibility gear on the market today.”

And for the kid in your life, the company recommends it for hide and seek, capture the flag, Halloween parties and “scare contests.”

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Here are 10 highlights from the kit intended to help you look, smell and hunt invisible.

Look invisible
The kit includes big piece items like the OPMOD Camo Stealth Ghillie Suit in both Woodland and Snow versions.

The 5-piece ghillie suit includes the hood/veil, jacket, pants, gun cover and storage bag. It is made with breathable army camo underlining, is fire retardant and they say it can be worn over jeans and t-shirt.

Designed to help blend into your surroundings, the whole suit along with the included storage bag weighs just 3.5 pounds and goes on easily.

The veil/hood has an adjustable chinstrap and an open-mesh camo face screen that hides your eyes.

Disguise your gear
No point in being invisible if your weapons and gear aren’t. The NcStar Military Tactical Vest carries and hides your ammo, binoculars and other gear.

Constructed with PVC mesh webbing, it has several magazine pouches for your pistol and rifle and an adjustable cross draw holster.

Smell invisible
Even if you can’t be seen, your scent can give you away.

The Invisible Man Kit includes a number of different ways to disguise your scent.

To kill your scent and make it “invisible” to noses, the Cass Creek Scent Kil Unscented Soap is an unscented bar soap used in the shower before attempting invisible mode. It is meant to eliminate your scent with deodorant protection for face, hands, hair, and body.

The kit provides other options to drive humans away and discourage being discovered– the company recommends camouflage as a skunk by dousing yourself in Cass Creek Skunk Scent.

The two ounce bottle of Cass Creek Harmon Hog Boar Urine Hunting Scent is another alternative if using one hundred percent hog urine to convince others you are a hog rather than a human is preferred.

Alternative methods include using the Cass Creek Cougar/Mountain Lion Urine Scent. “It's a simple but effective way to draw in a cougar to your concealed location,” the company says.

The same technique has been tried on human cougars with mixed results, OpticsPlanet notes.

Hunt invisible
The kit includes a hefty amount of tech to support invisible hunting.

The Leupold Mark 4 ER/T 4.5-14x50mm Mil Dot Rifle Scope has excellent magnification to boost your performance.

Even at a hefty distance, its elevation and windage adjustment will support accuracy and precision.

Attaching the Leupold Mark 4 ARD Anti-Reflection Device will enhance the low profile.

A flash of light can expose position so its honeycomb pattern helps reduce the lens reflection and the risk of revealing your position.

The Leupold Mark4 Anti Refection Devices are available for all tactical scopes except the CQ/T and 20mm designs and are made for Leupold by Tenebraex.

For staying invisible at night, the kit includes the ATN's PVS7-3P Night Vision Waterproof Goggles.

This night vision device comes with a head mount makes so the goggles can be hands-free, but it can also be handled or helmet-mounted.

Lightweight at a pound and a half, it has 50 hours of battery life to help you move about silently in the dark and thus invisible to ears.

This model is supposed to be identical to the U.S. Army ground troops standard issue.

The Invisible Man Kit also includes knives, rangefinders, binoculars, rifle cases and more.

And no self-respecting Invisibility Kit would be complete without invisible accessories like gloves and sunglasses.

The Invisibility Kit is also available for sale separately. So if you don’t happen to have 20k lying around, then aspiring invisibles can buy each of the items individually and create their own kit.

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