Tech Q&A: Facebook privacy settings, tablet anti-virus and more

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Fix Facebook privacy settings

I can't keep up with Facebook's changes to its privacy policies. Is there an app or service I can use that will take care of my privacy settings for me? I really don't want to share some of the things I post with everyone in the world.

A. I know it's tough, but I recommend learning Facebook's privacy settings anyway, so you know exactly what it shares – click here for my step-by-step guide. Particularly, go to your profile page, and next to the View Activity Log button, click the three dots and choose View As... . This lets you see what strangers and friends can see on your profile, so you know if your settings are working. That said, you can take a look at apps like AVG PrivacyFix, which helps you manage your privacy settings on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. It will update you on any new Facebook privacy changes.

Do you need anti-virus for a tablet?

I was really excited to start playing on my brand-new tablet, but then I read that tablets can get viruses. Is this true? Do I need anti-virus software?

A. Yes and yes! There have already been a few tablet-specific viruses, and it's only a matter of time before they become widespread. For anti-virus software, check out Lookout Mobile Security or avast! Free Antivirus. These also work for smartphones.

It helps to make sure your tablet is up to date with the latest security fixes. To update an iPad, go to Settings >> General Software Update. For Androids, it's Settings >> System Updates. I also recommend switching your tablet’s default browser. Chrome and Opera Mini are both excellent mobile browsers, and they’re a bit more secure than the defaults.

Listen to podcasts in the car

My wife and I recently bought a new camper and plan to take the summer off and hit the road. We just need a way to download your show's podcasts and play them through the camper's built-in speakers while driving. How do you do that? Love your show!

A. The best way to download and play podcasts is with an iPod, smartphone or tablet. If the camper's stereo has an auxiliary-in port, you can plug your gadget straight in with a 3.5mm cable. For stereos that don't have that, look into getting an FM transmitter, which plugs into your media player and sends an FM signal you can pick up on the radio. Even better, FM transmitters are relatively cheap, and you can buy them at most stores that sell car and audio accessories.

Easily digitize paper records

Q. I'm often out and about for my job, and I occasionally have to digitize paper documents. Is there a better way to do this than by lugging around a scanner?

A. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you're already set. The built-in camera can do the job with the right app. CamScanner and Genius Scan are two good options. These automatically adjust exposure and perspective and then crop the image to create a quality scan. You can save a single scan as a JPG or save a group of scans as a PDF file. Send them to a computer or through email and you're done.

How to publish a book and make money

I want to put together a collection of photographs I've been collecting on my mission trips and put them into a coffee-table book. What's the best program to use to lay it out, and how do I market it so I can hopefully make some money in the process?

A. Blurb and Shutterfly are good places to start. These help you create, print and sell photo books. If you want full control over the book layout, you can try a program like Scribus. This free layout and publishing program is similar to Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign. It lets you save the finished product as a PDF to upload to a printing or selling site. When you have the finished product, you can sell the printed book or sell it as an e-book. Look at sites like ePub Bud, YooOffer or Amazon Createspace.

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