Tech gurus reveal favorite apps at the Webby Awards

The 16th annual Webby Awards took place Monday night in New York City, honoring some movers and shakers in the tech world—including apps.

Winners, presenters, celebrities and supporters walked the red carpet prior to the show and shared some of their favorite apps with Comedian Jim Gaffigan, who presented the award for Person of the Year to fellow comedian Louis CK, started a comedy routine on the carpet when asked what apps he uses on his smartphone.

“I like the refrigerator,” Gaffigan said. got him to pull out his phone to refresh his memory. “I do have apps on there—calendar, safari, still learning the text one…” Gaffigan continued the humor.

Other apps Gaffigan had downloaded were Brain Pop and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

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“Can’t you tell I have kids?” Gaffigan asked.

Brain Pop is a free app that combines entertainment and learning—featuring an animated movie with an interactive quiz to test your knowledge.

Gaffigan was then quick to throw the attention off himself and over to the guys behind the College Humor site, who won the award for best video with their creation, Siri Argument.

“I’m with him and the refrigerator, microwave, the couch. I play a lot of games, Twitter, Facebook,” played into Gaffigan’s joke.

Also mentioned was Cinemagram, which allows you to edit video by pausing a section, animating a movement within that frame, while keeping the rest as a still photo.

“So the reason why I am doing this is because at things like this, you get given a free iPad.” Gaffigan again joked. “Then you get more apps that way,” concluded.

Actress Illeana Douglas from the web series, “Easy to Assemble,” immediately spouted out “the Fake Call app—that’s a funny one, and then I just learned about the sketching one.” (Watch out for prank calls from Douglas.)

The sketching app she referred to is called Draw Something. The popular free app is a social drawing and guessing game played between friends with the ability to share creations via your social network.

Douglas was also sure to plug her show’s app, Easy to Assemble.

Passion Pit’s front man, Michael Angelakos let us in on his pre show warm up—using the Vocal Coach app, “which I’ll probably use tonight.” The $2.99 app is for both professional and aspiring singers, acting as a vocal instructor in your pocket.

Web personality Sonia Gil, Webby winner for her travel series, recommended download JotNot Scanner Pro, “It changed my life and work—you can sign documents and send them back, it makes my life easier.”

For $1.99, JotNotScanner Pro works as a fax, scanner, and enables you to adjust, save and share documents and images while on the go.

Webby Award Producers, Neil Vogel and Rodger Berman, who is married to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, had three apps they said they swear by.

“The MLB app, so I can watch baseball games and no one knows what I’m doing,” Vogel said. “Uber,” Berman told “And the Webby Awards app, obviously the most important app.”

“Also Trippy. Yay, Trippy, Trippy, Trippy, Trippy!” Berman enthusiastically told

Brain Pop
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One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
Download One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish: iTunes
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JotNotScanner Pro
Download JotNotScanner Pro: iTunes
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Download Cinemagram: iTunes
Mobilewalla Score: 42 out of 100

Here’s how it works:

Download Uber: iTunes
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Draw Something
Download Draw Something: iTunes
Download Draw Something: Android Marketplace
Mobilewalla Score: 97 out of 100

Here’s how it works:

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