SuperTooth Shows off Melody Headphones, Disco2 Speakers at CTIA

French accessories maker SuperTooth might not have the best-sounding name in the industry, but its audio products do have more-than-decent sound quality. Here at CTIA Wireless 2012, the company made quite a splash, coming out with a brand new set of Melody headphones and Disco2, a follow-up to their popular portable speaker of the same name.

First up, the Bluetooth Melody headphones sport some rather attractive features including the fact that they're truly wireless -- the cans pair up with your gadgets via Bluetooth, and charging fills them up with juice to last you 7.5 hours of music on a 240 mAh battery. Of course, the same high definition sound can be expected from the company that goes toe to toe with Jambox in the portable audio space.

Speaking of the product that does just that -- the Disco -- SuperTooth was also showing off the follow-up to its first-gen powerhouse speaker here at CTIA: the (rather unimaginatively named) Disco2. Packaged in a more compact body, the Disco2 comes in a variety of eye-popping colors like canary yellow and cyan blue, and knocks out 16 watts of sound in a 360-degree radius through its two speakers and subwoofer.

Both the SuperTooth Melody and SuperTooth Disco2 will be available in stores this month of May for $99 apiece.