San Francisco commuters get WiFi, pressed juices, coffee--on the bus

WiFi. USB plugs. Bluetooth check-in. Pressed juices and Blue Bottle Coffee. A hipster café? Nope, it's just a commute to work for riders of San Francisco's new Leap bus, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

An app keeps riders updated as to where the bus is and how many seats are left, and Bluetooth connectivity means their phones pay their $6 fares for them: "All you have to do is get on and sit down," the bus' website says.

Once onboard, riders can apparently order their organic coffee, snacks, and juice without the inconvenience of human interaction, which is so 20th century; orders are made via app, and staff members bring them over.

Observes the Chronicle: "Predictably but hilariously, there is no one who appears to be over the age of 35 in any of the publicity photos or video. Muni is for old people, obviously." There's even a sort of mini social network on the bus, the Chronicle notes: You can browse fellow riders' profiles on the app.

"Every single material in this bus was really thought through,” co-founder Kyle Kirchhoff tells TechCrunch. "This is kind of a blend between a coffee shop, a workspace, and something that feels like your living room." Buses currently run every 10-15 minutes and operate from 7-10am and 5-8pm weekdays. Right now, there's only one route, but more are planned. But both the Chronicle and TechCrunch note that political trouble could be on the way, given frustrations over Google's bus last year.

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