Samsung's solution to exploding Galaxy Note 7s is to shorten battery life

By now, you've probably heard that Samsung's Galaxy Note7 devices have a tendency to go boom whilst charging. The company has already begun a "heartbreakingly" expensive recall, but that's not the only solution.

The AP reports that in South Korea, Samsung will be issuing a software update for anyone who doesn't want to immediately exchange their Note7. The update will limit battery charge to just 60 percent, which should solve the exploding thing at the expense of battery life.

The software patch will be for users who don't want to exchange their Note7 devices, or just haven't got around to it yet. Consumer apathy is a major problem for recalls: people assume that the explosions won't happen to them, so never bother to exchange devices.

Some members of the media in the U.S. have suggested that Samsung should remotely brick or blacklist affected Note7 devices, but this software patch seems to be the next best thing.

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It's unclear whether the software patch will be voluntary or mandatory, and if it will come overseas or just be limited to South Korea.

Samsung's problems extend to 2.5 million Note7 devices. 70 phones have reportedly exploded so far in the US, resulting in an official recall, and a ban from the FAA on using the devices while on an airplane.