Think the 5.3-inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note is gargantuan? That's a pipsqueak compared to the massive screen found on the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8, the latest iteration of Samsung's Android-based, iPod-esque media and app player. The new device will join the 3.6-inch, 4.0-inch. 4.2-inch and 5.0-inch models already available as part of the Galaxy Player lineup.

The larger screen doesn't bring a big leap in sharpness along with it, however. While the Galaxy Player 5.8's 960x540 display is a step up from the Galaxy Player 5.0's 800x480 VGA resolution, it is still far from high definition, especially over such a large expanse. By comparison, the iPod touch has a much smaller 3.5-inch screen but still manages to squeeze in a superior 960x640 resolution.

That being said, previous iterations of the Galaxy Player were capable media devices with features you won't find in the iPod, such as expandable memory and a removable battery. Stereo speakers, a VGA camera, Bluetooth 4.0, a 2,500mAh battery and either 16GB or 32GB of internal storage round out the Galaxy Player 5.8's hardware, while the software is bolstered by the inclusion of Android 4.0 ICS and Samsung's shiny new TouchWiz update -- both firsts for the Galaxy Player line. Wi-Fi and GPS are also on board, as you would expect.

The translated announcement doesn't offer much else in terms of specs or availability details, but given its timing, we wouldn't be surprised to see the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 show up at IFA 2012 alongside the Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung's teased Windows 8 hybrid tablet.

Via Engadget