Did you ever want to combine all of the best elements of your favorite games into one? "Prey" may be the answer to all of your dreams, especially if your dreams include aliens that turn into toilet paper.

Developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda, "Prey" is a first person shooter, role-playing game. The player takes control of protagonist Morgan Yu, finding themselves in a space station, with what was left behind after an alien attack.

Morgan escapes a testing facility thanks to a sketchy robot named January and discovers that the station has been attacked by the aforementioned aliens, known as Typhons.

These aliens have unique abilities, including the ability to copy objects around them or hide in plain sight. Others have the ability to affect gravity. They are black in color and almost always have a silhouette-looking shape.


"Prey" has a horror and survival feel to it, as the player is alone in a space station. The halls and labs are covered in blood or bodies, ensuring no area is safe. The rooms are dark with flickering lights, and the howls of Typhons travel the halls. All you can see outside it the emptiness of space, with various debris and bodies of course.

Having limited resources makes "Prey" a little more terrifying. Even though you can break down objects or aliens into usable materials to craft and create weapons and ammo, it doesn't make the game easier. Users must contemplate: do I create ammo now, or make a medikit to ensure you can make it to the next area alive?

The story can be a little hard to follow at times. At the beginning, it's easy, there is nothing else on your mind. Once survival comes into play, and the perfect amount of side quest become available, the story almost becomes secondary.

It it just too much fun to explore this death zone and unlock as many powers as possible.

Verdict: 9/10