PC gamers, Nvidia has a question for you. Is your PC reaching it's potential? After 7 years of development, Nvidia announced the GeForce Experience (GFE) at CES 2013. This propietary software automatically sets PC games to their optimal graphics settings during the game's launch. During the presentation, the audience was shown a clip of  "Call of Duty" on base settings at 720p. After activating GFE, the scene was noticeably sharper with higher rendering. GFE will come bundled with a set of drivers with a opt-in features for gamer's that prefer to tweak their own settings.

Nvidia also revisted Grid, the company's cloud-based gaming service during the press conference. A project 5 years in the making, Grid is comprised of a server stack designed to optimize computer graphics. Each server is jam-packed with 24 GPUs that can support concurrent usage for seamless cloud computing with more efficient energy usage. To put that in perspective, 20 Grid servers has 240 GPUs which adds up to 20TFlops. It would take 700 Xbox 360's to match. The Grid User Interface looked clean and intuitive. During the real-time demo, we saw seamless gameplay on a PC which made a flawless transition  to a  ASUS Transformer Prime. Nvidia also announced partnerships with a number of cloud-gaming services including Agawi, CloudUnion, G-Cluster, Playcast, Cyber Cloud and Ubitus.