New Twitter music app expected to launch today

Facebook isn’t the only social media giant launching something new today. Following its acquisition of music service We Are Hunted, Twitter could be quietly rolling out a music app of its own.

Twitter hasn’t made any official announcements, but a new Web page at went live on Friday morning. The website is pretty bare at the moment—it just contains the Twitter logo and text that says “#music” with a “Sign In” button below it.  Clicking the button will prompt you with an authorization request for “Trending Music Web.”

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Although the website is live, we haven’t been able to successfully log in yet, which suggests Twitter could still be working out the kinks. It remains unclear as to what “Trending Music Web” actually is, but the name implies that it could be some sort of cross-platform music service integrated with trends on Twitter.

The social network hasn’t officially announced that it’s launching a music app, but we’ve seen some hints pop up over the past couple of days. The term #music was trending on the website on Thursday, which matches the text on its newly launched Web page. Additionally, Ryan Seacrest claims to have had some hands on time with the new app.

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“playing with @twitter’s new music app (yes it’s real!)…there’s a serious dance party happening at idol right now,” he tweeted on Thursday.

“Trending Music Web” could be Twitter’s attempt to combat social-oriented music streaming services such as Spotify, but we have yet to see exactly what Twitter has in its pipeline. The service has been rumored to go live today, but  AllThingsD previously reported that the app could launch sometime during this weekend’s Coachella festival.

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