Master GTA V with this incredible fan-made map

You may think you've already seen everything there is to see in GTA V, but with a recently updated map from Redditor The_Mighty_Tspoon, you can know for sure. The map shows the island of Los Santos in a Google Maps-level of detail, and you can find everything from clothes shops to Easter eggs through the interface.

Available on the Web, on iOS and Android, the map puts Rockstar's own in-game efforts to shame. You can fire it up on your smartphone or your laptop while playing the game and track down all of the collectibles you haven't picked up and the side-missions you've yet to complete. The app has actually been in development for a couple of years and the version available today feels polished enough to be official.

Recent updates to the app mean you can now add your own personal notes and track your progress in tracking down collectibles. There are 50 different sets of markers to play around with, covering mysterious alien glyphs, places to catch the metro, golf courses and just about everything else you can find within the GTA V universe. You can opt for the traditional in-game design, a satellite view or a conventional map view.

And there's more to come: The developer has just started adding street names to the map and promises you'll be able to search through them soon. It's just the sort of tool you need if you've worked your way through most of the game and need some motivation to finish it off -- it's also worth a look if you haven't played GTA V for a while, as it's a fascinating look at everything Rockstar managed to include.

The launch of GTA V's online multiplayer mode and its arrival on PC have breathed new life into a game that originally launched in September 2013. It's now possible to film your own movies inside the GTA world and a fully realized recreation of Vice City is just one of many mods on the way.