Luxury 'jet engine' chair offers plenty of legroom

Talk about “sit back, relax and enjoy the flight” - a company in the U.K. is selling a luxury chair built from jet engine parts.

Constructed from the cowling, or cover, of a Boeing 737 engine, the Cowling Chair is the brainchild of Bath, U.K.-based Fallen Furniture. “We make quirky, unique furniture from old aviation parts,” Fallen Furniture Director and Founder Harry Tucker told “Our goal is to create furniture with a story attached to it.”

At six-and-a-half feet high and six-and-a-half feet wide, the swivel-based chair is being touted by the manufacturer as the epitome of luxury seating. The chair has a high gloss shell and a “hand mirror polished cowling,” according to Fallen Furniture’s website. The Cowling’s interior is upholstered in leather.

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“It’s engineered to come apart in three sections, so that it can get through most standard doorways,” Tucker added.

However, the made-to-order chair does not come cheap – the Cowling sells for $27,724. “We have sold a couple so far,” said Tucker.

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The company’s other offerings include clocks fashioned from parts of a Boeing 747’s fuselage and tables made from aircraft escape hatches, wheels and tires.

Fallen Furniture is not the only company refashioning aircraft parts as furniture. Boeing, for example, sells a chair built from a DC-9’s jet engine cowling.

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