Listen to your heart: Hands Free Tinder uses your heartbeat to find the perfect match

If you're a Tinder user, you might have found that swiping through possible matches was getting a little tedious. Good news! You will soon be able to use your heart instead, which could cut down on that tendinitis. Design agency T3 used the latest Apple Watch SDK to develop a Tinder clone that monitors your heartbeat when you look at pictures of possible matches.

"Who ever loved who loved not at first sight," wrote Shakespeare, and T3 seems to have taken this to heart -- so to speak. The firm's app provides you with feedback on how the photos of potential matches affect your heart rate. A circular indicator shows how fast your heart is beating. If it's racing, then it's a match. On the other hand, if your heart isn't showing any enthusiasm, then the next profile picture will automatically appear without the need to swipe. Basically, you can let your heart decide.

Of course, there is a lot more to a person than their picture, and we're wondering if T3 will take this to the next level and monitor your heart rate when you actually meet someone. We imagine users checking their watches two minutes into a date to see something like "Get the hell out of Dodge" or "Buy her (or him) a drink already" on the display.

The video above only shows the Apple Watch, but it will work on Android Wear watches that have heart rate sensors, too. Unfortunately, neither version is available yet, but they are "coming soon" according to T3. Hands Free Tinder could prove to be more accurate than your eyes, but even if it's not, your thumb will be thankful.