Leap Motion Announces New and Improved 3D Motion-Control Device

The mouse may be a piece of technology that children born today won't need in future, but if the new 3D motion-control technology from Leap Motion is any indication, fingers may become obsolete as well. Leap, a tiny oblong box featuring a very Mac-like aesthetic, purports to be the most accurate motion-control device for computers yet created.

The USB-powered system boasts finely-tuned motion sensing technology, allowing it to track all 10 of a user's fingers independently down to 1/100th of a millimeter. Watch a video below to see the Leap in action:

Flying planes with a thumb and joystick just feels so 21st century. Leap supports Windows (including native touch emulation for Windows 8) and Linux support is on the way. The device will retail for just $69.99 and is expected to ship this winter. Developers looking to get their hands on Leap early can apply for the SDK and a free Leap of their own.