John McAfee has gone viral.

A video posted to YouTube by John McAfee -- the eccentric software mogul who fled Belize after police linked him to the November 2012 murder of another U.S. expatriate -- shows how to uninstall the software from the anti-virus company that still bears his name.

The profanity-laced parody (which actually labels McAfee as an “eccentric millionaire”) features all the items that have turned his flight from Belize into a media feeding frenzy: girls, guns, booze and bath salts.


And oh yeah: software.

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“Although I’ve had nothing to do with this company for 15 years, I still get volumes of mail asking how do I uninstall this software? I have no idea,” McAfee says at the beginning of the video, before lighting a cigarette.

McAfee proceeds to relate a few message from unhappy users complaining about the difficulty of removing the software. The letters are all far too profane to relate here. He then reads an online definition of the software he once created.

“The Urban Dictionary definition of McAfee: A barely passable virus scanning program that updates at the worst possible times. Tends to render your computer completely useless whenever it starts  an update, which it doesn’t ask to start, and you cannot cancel or pause.”

“McAfee updates at horrible times, almost like the creators want you to die.”

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McAfee then has a “lab partner” detail the removal of the software while he snorts cocaine with half a dozen half-dressed girls, one of whom gives him a lap dance.

McAfee ultimately “removes” the software by shooting a laptop with a handgun.

In May, FoxNews.com revealed that McAfee's house in Belize had burned down under circumstances he called "suspicious."

"I am sure that the public has had various opinions of my trials and tribulations over the months,” McAfee told FoxNews.com at the time. “But I am hoping that this will bring to light that my concerns were based in reality."

“I believe that there are a select few with great power in Belize that will go to great lengths to harm me,” McAfee said. “This fire was not just a strange coincidence."

The murder in Belize remains unsolved.