Jobs to Unveil iPhone 4.0, Safari 5 at Apple Event Monday

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It's become a Spring rite of passage: The snow melts, the Phillies slump, we sneeze from too much pollen -- and Steve Jobs announces a brand new iPhone.

We're mere hours away from the kickoff of Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco where Steve Jobs will take the stage as only he can.

At last year's WWDC we saw three announcements: a new 15" Macbook Pro, Apple's new operating system Snow Leopard, and a runthrough of the new iPhone 3GS. This year is all about mobility -- and possibly an update to the company's Web browser Safari.

With a little help from a source at Apple I've decided to just get it over with and liveblog the event now, well ahead of time. I expect the big news to be iPhone 4.0, not be confused with iPhone 4G, and I don't expect any other major consumer announcements. I gather the keynote will go a little something like this:

10:00 AM: Steve Jobs takes the stage in (of course) black turtleneck and jeans -- to a standing ovation.

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10:01 AM: Steve Jobs: "Thank you very much for coming..." blah, blah, blah "working hard on some great stuff..."

10:04 AM: Steve Jobs: "Success of new iPad..." "Best quarter ever..." "Two million iPads sold to date..." "iPhone still a runaway success..."

10:05 AM: Insert subtle slap against Google's Android operating system, to chuckles and applause from the almost entirely developer audience.

10:06 AM: Steve Jobs: "We believe that the cloud is the future..." "Success of MobileMe..." Jobs announces a few new features of the calendar, contacts, and mail syncing program (which I use and love).

10:07 AM: Demo of new MobileMe features and perhaps iTunes update, which will include streaming services.

10:30 AM: Steve Jobs: "All of this will run seamlessly with the iPhone..." "And speaking of the iPhone..." Jobs discusses iPhone 4.0 operating system, which was announced in April.

10:35 AM: Insert Demo of iPhone 4.0 software. Highlights include folders, multitasking, game center, and more.

10:50 AM: Demos wrap up, Jobs back on stage. "That's a look at iPhone 4.0. We're really excited about it..."

(Applause, and a significant pause pregnant with meaning)

10:55 AM: Steve Jobs: "But there's more."

(Applause, and another  pause)

11:00 AM: Steve Jobs: "What would great software be without great hardware?" "Today we are announcing a new iPhone." (You might know it by the codenames enthusiasts have given it, like iPhone HD and iPhone 4)

11:01 AM: Steve Jobs: "I'd like to introduce you to the new phone."

11:01 AM: Out walks Gray Powell, the Apple software engineer who lost the iPhone, to deliver the new iPhone to Steve Jobs. (I wish)

11:02 AM: Steve Jobs: "It's the best phone we've ever built..." "If you thought the last one was fast wait until you see this baby..." Jobs shows off new features. "forward facing video camera..." "video conferencing with iChat built right in..." "beautiful new display..." and battery life "and wait until you see this incredible battery life."

11:15 AM: insert another subtle slap at Android over battery life

11:16 AM: Steve Jobs: "The new iPhone will be available at the end of June."

11:17 AM: Steve Jobs: "We've created a new television ad..." "... I'd like to show it to you."


11:18 AM: Steve Jobs: "Let's watch that again..."

11:25 AM: Jobs recaps today's announcements. "Thank you for coming, and enjoy WWDC."

11:30 AM: Justin Beiber takes the stage to play a song. People swoon and dance in the aisles.

11:32 AM: Curtain Closed, Lights up

But will this actually happen at WWDC 2010? Wait and see. You can catch my real live blog on Monday at 10 a.m. Pacific (1 p.m. EDT) right here on

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