Incredible 'cobra' skyscraper concept unveiled

Could we one day see a skyscraper that looks like a snake?

Newly-released concept designs by Russian businessman and futurist Vasily Klyukin show an incredible and highly unusual building.

(Vasily Klyukin)

Dubbed “Asian Cobra Tower,” the structure would contain offices or apartments, according to Klyukin’s website. Although the actual size of the concept building is unknown, the website said that the snake’s open jaws could serve as a restaurant or nightclub that would overlook the city.

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The building's lights would change colors, acoording to Klyukin, similar to when a snake sheds its skin.

In local legends and widely-accepted folklore, snakes are often viewed as symbols of protection, wisdom and eternal life. “Snakes and dragons are custodians of threshold, temples, treasure, esoteric knowledge and all lunar gods," Klyukin wrote, on his website.

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“The diamond-shaped pattern on the back of the snake is the symbol of Yang and Yin, duality and reunification of the Sun and the Moon, male and female principles, conciliation of opposites, and androgyny,” he added.

Other concept designs by Klyukin, author of the novel  "Collective Mind," include a woman-shaped skyscraper dubbed "Venus" and a huge jaguar-shaped building.