HP Windows 8 Business Tablet Revealed?

After giving up on the WebOS-based HP TouchPad after just a couple of months, HP has been keeping a low-profile in the tablet space, content to quietly sell its Windows 7-based HP Slate 2 to a few business clients. However, we've always known that the company would make a big tablet push around Windows 8 and a newly-leaked product sheet (shown above) gives us an idea of what to expect.

According to information obtained by Neowin, HP is working on a new Windows 8 tablet called the HP Slate 8, which will feature a 10.1-inch screen, pen input, TPM security and an outdoor viewing option. At 9.2mm thick, the device promises to be one of the thinner slates on the market though, at 1.5 pounds, it will be a bit heavier than the 1.3 pound iPad and the 1.2 pound Galaxy Tab 10.1. The promised 8 to 10 hours of battery life would put the Slate 8 at the same level as its Android and iOS competitors.

According to NeoWin, the HP Slate 8 will run off an Intel x86 processor of some kind so it will use Windows 8 Professional, not the ARM-based WindowsRT.  Of course, the spec sheet and rendering above are not official nor is pricing or availability. So stay tuned.

via Neowin