How to sell your used iPod, iPhone, Android, or other gadget

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The modern technological landscape is ever-changing. With the life cycles of many technologies barely reaching past a few short years, many consumers are often left with stacks of old gadgets.

Rather than leaving your used tech gear to gather dust, why not sell them to make a tidy profit? Here's a quick guide to help you get the best price for your used gadgets.

Erase Personal Data

This is an important first step that's all too easily forgotten. Many of our gadgets -- particularly cell phones, laptops and cameras -- contain a wealth of personal data that we would prefer not to divulge. Credit card details, email and other account passwords as well as personal pictures and other data, should all be completely wiped off the device before sending it to a buyer.

Some devices have a "factory reset" option, which will wipe you data and return it to its original state, while laptop and computer hard drives should be formatted and wiped completely before being sold.

Check its value

When selling second-hand items directly to another buyer, setting the right price is crucial. You'll want to get the best price for your items and leave yourself room to haggle, while also keeping the figure low enough to attract buyer interest. It's always wise to check the item's value online to help gauge the correct prices.

Perhaps the best way to establish the item's worth is to check the price of similar gadgets online. Auction sites can be a good indicator, as they often show the final price that a buyer is willing to pay. It's best to check a few different auctions, to establish an average selling price.

If your item is particularly rare you might think about having it appraised by a professional. Who knows? You may strike luck and be sitting on a rare or collectible piece of technology worth a sizeable sum.

How to sell

Once you've established the right prices for your gadgets, it's time to put them on the market. Depending on the type and value of your items, you have several different options available online. Many sellers choose one of the more popular online auction sites, like eBay. Of course, selling on an auction site is a skill unto itself, so any sellers considering this option should consult this helpful guide.

Classified websites like Craigslist are also great ways to sell or trade your items under your terms, but since you are dealing directly with the buyer, the risk involved is generally somewhat higher.

If you'd prefer to forego the hassle of dealing with an auction site or individual seller, you might try one of many sites offering to purchase used technology. If your device is relatively new and in fair condition, sites like, Buy My Tronics and Next Worth may offer to purchase the item from you.

It's important to note that the price quoted by these sites is often much lower than what you might get selling to an individual buyer, for those looking to offload their gadgets in a hurry; it might prove the better option.