Spells are big on eBay. Today you can bid on more than 41,000 spells to rid yourself of acne, regain lost loves and shower yourself with wealth. But time is running out.

Beginning Sept. 1, eBay will not accept listings for spells, potions or psychic readings. And just for good measure, curses, hexes, prayers and healing sessions have been blacklisted. All advice and work-from-home opportunities have also been eliminated.

The company said in its policy update that it has discontinued these categories because transactions often result in issues between the buyer and seller that are difficult to resolve.


But a seller of spells tells a different story. She agreed to speak with TechNewDaily as long as she could remain anonymous. "I called eBay within a minute of seeing that message," she said by email. "I was told, 'We are trying to change our image, we do not want to be seen as a flea market.'"

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The woman said that she and thousands of others have never had a formal complaint filed against them. Her eBay store has a positive rating of 99.8 percent and is an eBay top-rated seller, TechNewsDaily confirmed. On her profile page the seller says that all spells are cast within 48 hours of purchase, and if you are not satisfied with your spell within 5 days, she will recast the spell free of charge.

"Our clients are very different than most eBay buyers, they are repeat buyers, and we help them with their spiritual, and emotional needs," said the woman, whose spells range in price from $7 to $20. She has moved her listings to ArtFire, an artist collective marketplace similar Etsy but much smaller than the mega-crafters site.

But she will also comply with eBay's policy by recasting her spells into beads, dolls and jewelry.

"After September 2012, you will be purchasing the bead, doll or jewelry, not the spell," she said.

She also pointed out what she believes is unfair treatment of those who practice witchcraft. "We cannot sell any items with spirits, souls or anything attached to them. However, holy water will be allowed," she said. "To me, this feels like a witch hunt, literally."

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