Michael Cohen, President Trump’s ex-fixer, delivered a hard-hitting testimony before Congress on Wednesday that most would agree was devoid of any humor.

Yet one brief exchange from the day-long testimony between Cohen and Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., has turned into a meme on social media.

When asked how many times Cohen was directed to "threaten an individual or entity" on his former boss’ behalf, he replied: "Quite a few times."

“A 100 times?” Speier asked.

“More,” Cohen responded.

“200 times?” Speier pressed further.

“More,” Cohen said.

“500 times?” Speier went on.

“Probably,” Cohen admitted.

A clip of the exchange erupted on social media, with Twitter users writing satirical questions of what might have prompted the exchange.

“how many times have you watched gaga and Bradley cooper perform shallow?” read one post.

“How many times have you watched #Beyonce’s #Coachella performance? Me:” wrote another user.

"How many times have you sloppily eaten shredded cheese straight from the bag after midnight," read another post.