High-tech fashion: Macy's to sell sweater with embedded video screen

Macy's and hip hop star turned fashion mogul Sean Jean -- a.k.a. Puff Daddy, a.k.a. P Diddy -- have joined forces to give tacky sweaters a delightfully high-tech twist.

At first glance, the grey shawl collar fleece sweater may seem nondescript at best -- until you get a glance at the left sleeve, which sports a transparent pouch with a removable OLED video display inside.

What's playing on that display? That's all up to you. The pouch was designed to hold the Fashion Video Name Tag, a 2.8-inch OLED screen with a 320 x 240 resolution, a six to ten hour battery life, and 2GB of onboard memory for storing the video (or videos -- the Fashion Video Name Tag includes playlist support) of your choosing.

"Wearable electronics is the next big thing," the Macy's Blog exclaims. "It’s a game changer. Just think of all the attention you'll get at the clubs!" This sweater, ladies and gentlemen, is the true meaning of gangnam style at its absolute finest.

The sweater should hit Macy's stores in major metropolitan areas later this week. Macy's hasn't released pricing information for the new swag, but considering that it sports the Sean Jean name and that the Fashion Video Name Tag costs $198 by itself, don't expect all the attention you'll get at the club to come cheap.

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