Kickstarter exists to fund dreams, and graphic design student Noboru Bitoy had a very, er, ambitious one: He wanted a Chipotle chicken burrito. So the Chicagoan threw up a project in which he promised to eat a burrito, rate it, and create a "Deliciousness Graph." He set the goal at $8: enough for the burrito, the sales tax, and a $1 tip.

In the Risks and Challenges section he wrote things like, "I might accidentally receive a carnitas or steak filling instead of chicken" and "I might drop the burrito on the floor." Of course, the goofy campaign proved to be media catnip, drawing write-ups from Slate, CNET, BetaBeat, and more.

Bitoy instantly shot past his goal—way, way past. As of this writing, 171 backers have pledged $654. So, like any good Kickstarter project, Bitoy has added stretch goals.

At this point he has committed to:

  • Eat 24 varieties of Chipotle chicken burritos, trying every possible variation with all three salsas.
  • Eat four burritos over a period of four days to see how they taste as they age.
  • Eat a burrito while skydiving.

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"This truly is the greatest Kickstarter ever," one backer commented.

"This must be one of the most fulfilling pledges I have ever made," another agreed. "You made my day." The campaign doesn't end for another 21 days, but Bitoy has posted a video of himself eating the first burrito anyway.

He rated it "yum."

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