Grooveshark Back In, Then Quickly Out of the Google Play Store

Grooveshark, an online music streaming service, faces another setback as its application is once again removed from the Google Play store, less than a week after being approved for sale. This mirrors the company's experiences from more than a year ago, when the Grooveshark app was first released and then removed from the Google's application marketplace.

Unlike music streaming services such as Spotify and Rdio, Grooveshark allows users to listen to online music stations, build playlists and play an unlimited number of songs for free. These features have angered the music industry, lead to numerous lawsuits as well as pressure against any businesses deemed to support the music sharing website.

After its initial removal from the Google Play store (then called the Android Market), Grooveshark worked with Google directly to remove any objectionable content from its application. Once these concerns were address, the application was allowed back into the Google Play store, only to be removed again a week later. No word from Google or Grooveshark on what caused this new problem.

Grooveshark fans who still want a Grooveshark app can download it directly from Grooveshark's mobile website. A large number of app downloads, however, originate from Google Play, so this app removal will definitely hamper Grooveshark adoption.