Are you planning to buy a new Samsung smartphone soon? Google Play Music may become your go-to music player.

Google has teamed up with Samsung to make Google Play Music the default music player on new Samsung phones and tablets around the world, including the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, which launch today. Google also teased some "special" Google Play Music features just for Samsung customers.

"For starters, if you have a new Samsung phone or tablet, you can now upload and stream up to 100,000 of your own songs to Google Play Music for free," Google Play Music Lead Product Manager Elias Roman wrote in a blog post. Google lets everyone else add up to 50,000 songs to Play Music for free.

New Samsung phones and tablets will come with a free three-month trial of Play Music, up from the usual 30-day trial, and access to YouTube Red for commercial-free videos. After that, you'll have to pay $10 a month if you want to listen without ads and download your music for offline access.

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Google Play Music will also work with Samsung's new virtual assistant Bixby when it launches later this spring. This means you'll be able to ask Bixby to play a certain track and it will start streaming the jam right away via Play Music.

Google Play Music got a "good" rating in PCMag's review. We noted that Google Play Music, "with its music locker and YouTube integration, offers more unique features than your typical streaming music service." On the down side, our reviewers found it annoying to set up, and lamented that it doesn't offer lyrics and is missing a few "essential" albums.

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