Google Frightgeist scares up Halloween costume trends

Google Trends has launched a new interface that lets you gauge the likelihood of showing up to the costume party dressed just like someone else. It’s called Frightgeist, and it uses Google Trends’ search data to anticipate how many people are dressing up in specific costumes this Halloween season in the United States. You can even see which costumes are most popular by region.

Spoilers: if you’re planning on going as Harley Quinn, don’t expect to be the only motley seductress on the dance floor or get any bonus points for creativity. It seems like everyone and their grandmother is dressing up as the Joker’s sexy sidekick this year. Think you’re getting ahead of the curve with that Boba Fett outfit? It’s still another two months until the Star Wars movie comes out, after all. You should be safe, right? Think again. Frightgeist claims you’ll have a “frighteningly high” chance of bumping into other Star Wars characters.

The Harley Quinn and Star Wars hype makes sense, of course. The Batman franchise has been killing it lately with the Arkham video game series and the lingering impact of Christopher Nolan’s gritty trilogy, not to mention building anticipation for 2016’s Suicide Squad. Star Wars is a no-brainer. If you haven’t gotten your tickets already, by the way, you might want to hit up Cinemark’s website, because showings are already selling out.

But what baffles me is that the number one costume in my area is Minnie Mouse. I mean… what? Why is Minnie Mouse on so many people’s minds around here this year?

If you’re looking to ride the trend, then by all means don the motley and fire up your lightsaber, but if you’re looking to stand out, Frightgeist has a “Show something less popular button.” Frightgeist recommended I show up as a loofah if I wanted to be really original this year.

A loofah.

I’m surprised that one is as popular as it is at 361st place, to be honest.