From affordable and handsome to thin and vibrant, these are the best Samsung TVs

With a history of very well made screens, Samsung has long been a leader in the world of TV manufacturers, offering a range of models to fit a variety of would-be buyers' lifestyles and price points. As such, you probably won't go wrong with anything from Samsung's 2017 TV lineup, which ranges from solid, entry-level options to some of the finest you'll find on the entire consumer market.

There is a good amount of variety in terms of looks and performance in each model from the company, but one thing each TV has in common is Samsung's popular smart TV platform, Tizen. No matter which TV you decide on, you'll get the same streamlined, user friendly interface. Tizen makes integration of multiple sources easy, recognizing almost any device you connect via HDMI and programming itself to operate the device -- allowing you to use Samsung's one remote to control it all. It also includes support for compatible apps like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu, for those of us with heavy content appetites.

Though Tizen unifies each Samsung TV's user experience, you probably want to know a bit more about what's under the hood. We're here to help. See below for a deeper dive into the four best Samsung TVs of 2017. Looking for a TV at a specific price point and not dedicated to the style or interface of one manufacturer in particular? We can help with that too. Check our lists of the best TVs under $500 and the best TVs under $1,000.

Samsung MU6300

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The entry level to Samsung's 4K TV line, the MU6300 isn't as flashy as some of its more expensive older brothers, but its dark, steel-grey bezel is still handsome enough for any living room. In terms of connectivity, the model offers three HDMI ports -- including one with audio return channel (ARC) support for easy soundbar connection -- two USB ports, an Ethernet port, and component and optical audio ports. It's not Samsung's brightest TV, but the MU6300 does offer decent color and good black levels for the price, and it's certainly an improvement over the old 1080p TV it's likely replacing in your living room.

Samsung MU7500

Among the last curved TVs on the market, the MU7500 offers the same connectivity that we saw on the MU6300 -- three HDMI ports (one with ARC for soundbar support), two USB ports, an Ethernet port, and older component and optical audio outs. Apart from its shape and the fact that the MU7500 only comes in a silver trim, the biggest difference between the MU6300 and MU7500 models comes in terms of brightness. The MU7500 is significantly brighter than its younger brother, meaning that HDR content viewed on the MU7500 pops off the screen a bit more, with the curved TV providing a more lush viewing experience overall.

Samsung MU8000

Sleek and beautiful, the Samsung MU8000 series shows off a slim bezel with a chrome accent on the bottom that plays nicely against its two-legged stand. Along with the slimmer overall profile comes the Samsung One connect mini box, which lets you connect all components to a single box, then run one cable up to the TV -- an awesome thing for those who hate the look of cables in their living room. In terms of picture quality, the MU8000 is extremely vibrant and bright, but also features excellent black levels, with that great contrast helping make HDR content look absolutely gorgeous.

Samsung Q9

Samsung's flagship QLED TV, the Q9 is the finest consumer TV Samsung has ever made. It offers extremely sleek looks, with a completely flat back that hides a hidden mounting bay allowing for almost gapless wall mounting. Like the MU8000, the Q9 also features a near-invisible optical cable that connects to the Samsung One connect mini box, allowing you to connect all your devices without having to see a bunch of cables on the wall. As far as image quality is concerned, there are very few TVs on the market that look better than the Q9. With extremely good contrast and a very wide color gamut, the TV offers some of the most impressive 4K HDR picture quality we've ever seen, hands down.