Even Yahoo employees don’t use Yahoo Mail

They’re the real Yahooligans.

Only 25 percent of Yahoo’s own employees use the company’s email offering-- even after company executives exhorted them all to switch off of Microsoft’s Outlook, according to a leaked memo.


Yahoo senior vice president of communications products Jeff Bonforte and CIO Randy Roumillat sent the memo recently, titled “Windows 95 called and they want their mail app back,” according to AllThingsD. In it, the execs plead (again) with employees to switch off a product they describe as “a T.rex born to yuppie dinosaur parents.”

“Certainly, we can admire the application for its survival, an anachronism of the now defunct 90s PC era, a pre-web program written at a time when NT Server terrorized the data center landscape with the confidence of a T-Rex born to yuppie dinosaur parents who fully bought into the illusion of their son’s utter uniqueness because the big-mouthed, tiny-armed monster infant could mimic the gestures of The Itsy-Bitsy Pterodactyl,” the pair wrote.

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“We have clearly failed in our goal to move our co-workers to Yahoo Mail.”

Numerous Yahoo mail users have been complaining for weeks, eve since a recent switch to the app took away popular features.

Yahoo did not respond to several emails for comment, AllThingsD wrote.