Elecom Transforms Mice into Wireless Pets

Elecom released a new line of mice in an attempt to add a unique touch to a seemingly standard device. Each Oppopet Wireless Optic Mouse features an "animal tail" (available in 8 styles: fox orange, puppy gray, dolphin blue, kitty black, piggy pink, squirrel brown, chameleon green and rabbit white) that makes the mouse look like a wireless pet. But, when you detach the tail, it's really a USB dongle.

The USB port is pretty convenient for those on the run who don't want to risk losing the small memory storage dongle. But you have to detach the USB to use the mouse, converting the mouse back into a pretty basic model. Make sure you keep your eye on the dongle when using the mouse; you wouldn't want to lose the part that separates this mouse from all the others on the market.

Elecom has come up with a clever idea to put a twist on a classic product. But at $70 each, the steep price may dissuade consumers from opting to buy their own wireless pet.