“Dishonored” is back - the latest version of the game definitely pays homage (and then some) to the original. “Dishonored 2” is a first-person stealth-based shooter developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda. Bethesda is well known for its open world titles such as the “Fallout or Skyrim” series.  They are all popular titles, and pretty much follow along the lines of  your standard role-playing game.

“Dishonored 2” starts off in a city named Karnaca about fifteen years after the first game took place. The game begins with Empress Emily Kaldwin being removed from office by a powerful witch. At this point, the player must choose between playing through the campaign as Emily, or her father, Corvo Attano. Whoever you choose, you must retake your rightful place on the throne.

Playing as Emily or Corvo changes the way you play the story. Each player comes with his or her own sets of abilities. Corvo is more attuned for stealth and evasive gameplay while Emily has more of a crowd-control sense of combat. The player is also given the option to not accept these powers in order to give themselves more of a challenge. (Teleportation and transformation could be seen as unfair, after all!)


Probably the most appealing aspect of “Dishonored 2” is the fact that there are so many options to complete a task. All based on play style; the player may want to be stealthy and completely avoid any kind of violent contact. Others may pick specific skills in order to completely eradicate every threat that they come across. This is what makes “Dishonored 2” so great – it offers multiple ways to play. After your first playthrough, you could play it again and have a completely different experience.

Audio is an important factor when playing stealth games – this, for example, can help you identify the footsteps of a group of unseen enemies. You may then have to run (or fight) for your life. Enemies can also provide hints towards your goal, such as where certain treasure is located.

Your preferred play style will also determine what items and skills you will use to take back the city of Karnaca. Throughout the game, players will encounter collectables called “Runes” which allow either Corvo or Emily to upgrade or unlock their abilities. It is also possible to find or create “Bone Charms,” which  slightly change aspects of your character, such as movement speed and slide distance.


Having multiple options helps when sneaking around dangerous terrain infested with deadly enemies. Your weaponry can also vary, just like every other aspect of the game. The player can use loud and violent ways of dealing with enemies, such as a pistol and frag grenades. If you prefer the silent route, there are options like the trusted crossbow and sleep darts. There is no right or wrong way to play, but there are separate endings depending on how you play.

Verdict: 7/10

“Dishonored 2” is a fun and thrilling stealth-based game with a decent amount of customization. The graphics may not be on par with other major titles, but the gameplay is just as fulfilling.  Nothing stands out to make this game different from the original, but maybe nothing needed to be drastically changed to begin with. If you enjoyed the first “Dishonored,” or just love stealth-based gameplay, this will be right down your alley.