Developer in Miami adds 'skydeck' for flying cars to luxury building

Having trouble finding a place to keep your flying car? It's not exactly a relatable problem these days.  And even though a Jetsons-esque flying future is still decades away, one rising residential building in Miami is planning for the future in a big way, topping their structure with a with an unusual feature: a "skydeck" for flying cars and drones.

Daniel Kodsi is the CEO and developer of Paramount Miami World Center, the city's newest luxury skyscraper. It's a 60 story residential building that comes decked out with all the latest amenities -and a few that don't really exist yet. "Ever since the Jetsons came out, America's been talking about flying cars. And, so it's something that inspires you; something that you think about when you're building a project," says Kodsi. "You're saying, "well, what is the future? What's going to happen in the future?  We said, what an opportunity to convert our, our sky deck into some type of Jetsons, uh, sky port where you, where you can actually land passenger drones? And this technology exists today."

And while flying cars aren't a reality of everyday life just yet, developments like the Paramount Miami World Center are betting big that they'll be a way of the future sooner rather than later - in part because of the crowded roadways down below. Kodsi forecasts that "there will be a demand for South Florida VTOL [vertical take-off and landing] air vehicle service because of the area’s overly-congested highways, inner-city gridlock, and because the region’s affluent population seeks this mode of transportation." Developers are currently in talks with several VTOL air vehicle manufacturers, which could produce multi-prop flying cars that travel at top speeds of 230 miles per hour.

And the building should be able to accommodate them. The new Paramount Miami World Center has over 500 units, and more than 2 dozen of those are penthouses; good news for folks looking for a comfortable home - and a spot to park their flying car.