Clumsy Seahawks fans more likely to drop smartphones

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin might have some of the best hands in the NFL, but his fans sure don't.

According to a study from mobile warranty provider SquareTrade, fans of the Seahawks are 46 percent more likely to drop their cell phone than fans of the Denver Broncos. This news comes conveniently ahead of the Feb. 2 for Super Bowl XLVIII, where the two teams will face off.

SquareTrade polled football fans on their cell phone slip-ups in January. Some 33 percent of fans reported the common mistake of dropping a handset, while liquid-related drops were the second most common at 18 percent. A somewhat surprising 13 percent of those surveyed admitted to dropping devices in beer, with 12 percent of fans reporting phone damage due to a passionate flinging of their phone after a big play.

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The Super Bowl is still days away, but things are looking a bit better for Broncos fans in terms of phone safety. According to the SquareTrade survey, 24 percent of Seahawks devotees have had a cell phone accident in the past 12 months, while a lesser 16 percent of Broncos fans have damaged their device.

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There are plenty of ways to prevent Super Bowl related slip-ups this Sunday, including keeping your phone in a solid protective case. Yelling "Omaha" might work for Peyton Manning when his Broncos are in a pinch, but it's not going to save your beer-soaked iPhone.

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