China Labor Watch: Samsung Allegedly Copies Apple's Labor Abuses, Too

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Early in the year, Apple found itself rocked by a series of serious abuse allegations at the factories of its Chinese suppliers; at the time Li Qiang, the head of the New York-based China Labor Watch, told us that he compared Apple's working conditions to those at competing manufacturers, "and the conditions in those factories are worse than the ones of Apple."

To drive the point home, CLW released a report last month outlining several alleged abuses workers at a factory run by one of Samsung's major suppliers. Yesterday, Samsung said it failed to find any evidence of child labor at the HEG facility, though it did find overtime and safety violations.

China Labor Watch's response? Issuing a lengthy 122 page report detailing a long list of alleged abuses occurring in eight of Samsung's Chinese factories -- six of which Samsung partly owns itself. "Our current investigation reveals that labor violations are not simply limited to the HEG factory," the organization said in a press release. "Rather, these problems are rampant throughout the entire Samsung manufacturing and supply network in China."

The allegations include: