Have a blog? Get in line for your press pass.

The New York Police Department announced Tuesday that online journalists can get press credentials -- as long as they reported on at least six events in the city in the preceding two years.

The move comes as a result of a 2008 lawsuit filed by three bloggers who were denied passes, even though traditional media outlets now rely heavily on blogs to post information and break news.

Now all a blogger has to do is cover city-sponsored activities, like parades or press conferences, in order to get a pass. With the pass they can cover congressional events and debates and cross police lines for up to two years -- just like their print, TV and radio cohorts.

The NYPD said in a press release that the move was made to reflect changes to the media industry.

"This is a press credentialing system for the online age that can serve as a model for governments around the country," said Administrative Law Division Chief Gabriel Taussig. "The rules were drafted in a collaborative process with input from numerous interested participants, together with extensive research and a public listening session with members from all segments of the media."

The public comment period on the new rules will continue through April 7, 2010, when the new rules will have a public hearing at police headquarters.