Keep your head up, eyes out and your finger on the trigger with this new breakthrough that provides a see-through display of critical mission data - all by just clipping BAE System’s Q-Warrior to your helmet.

Once the stuff of movies like “Iron Man” and “Edge of Tomorrow”…now ground troops can benefit from this state-of-the-art tech too.

The lightweight Q-Warrior is a new cutting-edge gadget that takes an ordinary warrior’s helmet and transforms it into an extraordinary futuristic device.

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How extraordinary? Very extraordinary. This is pioneering situational awareness information for ground troops.

With a Q-Warrior upgraded helmet, a warrior has access to augmented 3D vision on the battlefield.

How does it work?

Easy to use, Q-Warrior is designed to be intuitive and the display clips in easily to helmet FAST rails, immediately ramping up its utility. Weighing about six ounces, it’s also light on battery usage.

Rather than look down at a tablet or other display for data, once attached to your helmet this lightweight gadget provides a see-through display to provide critical data.

Looking out from under the helmet, the warrior sees the real-world battlefield overlaid with  data. It can provide critical head-up, eyes-out situational awareness to a dismounted soldier.

What can you see?

Upgraded Q-Warrior vision means you have complete awareness of everyone moving around in the battle space.

The 3D battle space is displayed in a simple way, making it easier for warriors to receive important data more easily. The real world is overlaid with digital data, graphics and imagery to enhance combat situational awareness.

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What sort of data? Immediate identification of hostile, non-hostile and friendly forces is important in combat.

The Q-Warrior does this and shows the warrior where they are in the battlefield.

Friendly forces are shown in blue, while hostile forces show up as red. Their location is overlaid with accuracy and as they move they are tracked in the display.

Coordinating small units in simultaneous activity can be tough, but with the Q-Warrior every team member can see where the others are at any given moment and how they are progressing.

This state-of-the-art tech also makes navigating easy. No more looking down at a handheld device to find waypoints, targets and other data. This is a heads up, eyes out way to adapt and mission plan downrange.

Unmanned vehicles and other surveillance sensors can provide very useful data to warfighters. The Q-Warrior can take full color sensor imagery from these sources and show it on the display for the warrior to review in real time.

A team’s air controller can also use the Q-Warrior to see where air assets are at any given moment, as well as stay up to speed on their distance and altitude. For enhanced targeting and calling close air support, the tech enables exact target acquisition.

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