Avira Antivirus is working on a super-secure web browser

Founded in 1986, German antivirus specialist Avira can be considered one of the biggest online security firms in the world, with over 100 million customers using its software. Now, the company is looking to expand its presence even further with a novel approach to staying safe on the Web.

Up until now, Avira has focused on traditional antivirus software that's intended to contain a breach after the event. The Avira Browser, by contrast, will protect users as they're surfing the Web, hopefully preventing any issues before they arise.

The application will check sites against Avira's comprehensive database, keep a lookout for unwanted scripts running in the background, and ensure connections are secure, according to a report from Liliputing. If it works as intended, it could well be a potent option for security-conscious users looking to keep their computers free of viruses and malware.

Online security is as important as it has ever been, and your browser is the best point of access for unwanted parties eager to obtain your private data. Avira will be hard-pressed to compete with the major players in the browser wars, but if the firm's software makes good on its promise, it will certainly have a unique selling point.

The only question is whether an antivirus specialist can produce a browser that people want to use. Even Microsoft has struggled to come up with a product of this type in recent years, although the company's new Edge browser seems to be a step in the right direction. However, Avira will reportedly use Google's Chromium as the foundation for its effort, which could prove to be crucial in tempting users who are familiar with the ever-popular Chrome to try out an alternative.