AT&T Launches New Website, Combats Mobile Device Theft

After coming under fire for not doing a better job of combating cell phone theft , AT&T has launched a website to help mobile users to protect their devices. The site, AT&T Smart Controls, helps consumers become the first line of defense against mobile theft which has been on the rise. iPhone users are most at risk, as thieves can get top dollar for the coveted devices.

AT&T advises mobile device users to add passwords and update them frequently. Users can also find information on backing up SIM card information and helpful security apps. The site also lists steps consumers should take in case a phone is lost or stolen. The company will also be sending customers helpful tips on preventing theft via email and text message.

The site's launch comes on the heels of the FCC teaming up with the country's top wireless carriers to create a database of stolen devices similar to the system in place in Europe. In six months, owners of lost or stolen phones can contact their carrier and have the phone bricked, preventing anyone else from using it.