One of the bigger tablet announcements at CES 2013 was Vizio's 11.6-inch Windows 8 tablet, the first to run AMD's Z-60 APU. We went hands-on to see what this new device was all about.

As with its notebooks, the 11.6-inch tablet has a very sophisticated design. The sides are a sturdy aluminum whose edges are beveled, but still felt a little sharp. Its 1080p display was crisp and bright from all angles, and the tablet felt reasonably light for its size.

The back has a nice soft-touch finish, and the lack of vents creates a somewhat more unified look. While the tablet has two speakers, they're both located on the same side, so while they get fairly loud, audio may sound a bit imbalanced.

While Vizio has yet to announce pricing, availability, or battery life, a company representative said that you should be able to get through an entire HD movie with plenty of  time to spare.