Apple, GN ReSound create world’s first made-for-iPhone hearing aid

Here’s sweet music for your ears.

A new hearing aid from Danish company GN ReSound will be the coolest accessory ever, thanks to a partnership with tech giant Apple. The innovative LiNX hearing aid syncs with iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch, and it’s compatible with Apple’s iOS7. Meaning not only can it help you hear better, it can let you listen to music, sync movies, receive phone calls and even chat over Facetime.

Imagine Siri, whispering sweet nothings directly into your ear.

The two companies have been working on the Bluetooth link that makes it possible for more than two years, Kim Herman, president of ReSound U.S., told Fox Business.

“We were the first hearing aid manufacturer to work on a 2.4GHz connectivity platform in 2010. We are now on our third generation of this platform, which provided us with a unique background to create the world’s first Made for iPhone hearing aids,” Herman wrote in an email.

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The hearing aid has been designed to be comfortable to wear and simple to operate, he says. So simple that once you download the company’s Smart App, you’re all set to go. The app controls the hearing aid’s volume, settings and other acoustical adjustments while also allowing users to check their battery status. It can geo-tag locations as well, and there’s even a “find my hearing aid” feature just like that “find my phone” function.

Since appearing at the 2014 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Herman says that the company has received overwhelming support from audiologists and consumers young and old.

“When people realize how much benefit ReSound LiNX can provide, and how seamless their experience is, it changes how they think about hearing aids. ReSound LiNX is appropriate for 90 percent of hearing losses, whether or not the wearer owns an iPhone or iPad,” she said.

Depending on the patient’s level of hearing, the price for ReSound LiNX can range between $2,400 and $3,500. They are available only through licensed hearing care professionals, who program each unit specifically for the patient based on their unique hearing loss, ear anatomy and lifestyle.