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The Truth About Prime Day

Q: Are prices better on Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day? I feel like this sale day all a bunch of hype!

A: If you’re not an aggressive Amazon shopper, you may feel a little intimidated by Prime Day that falls on July 16th this year. You may think to yourself, "Are there just great deals I'm not seeing?" The easy way to enjoy Prime Day (or Black Friday, for that matter) is to treat it like a yard sale: maybe you'll find something, perhaps you won't, but it's the scavenging that matters. Click or tap here to get the skinny on Prime Day, and yes, most prices are better than on Black Friday.

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Find Cell Phone Spies

Q: My ex is a total psycho. How do I know there isn’t a secret keylogger on my phone?

A: When you think about how much personal information someone can glean from a single photo album, string of texts, or batch of emails, the fear is dizzying, so never mind someone who can see everything. What’s even scarier, though, is that there’s often no sign that someone is doing this – or the signs are so subtle that you would never think “spyware.” Click or tap here to find out if someone sees your texts, photos, calls and more.

Technify Your Ride

Q: I have a 1991 Ford truck. I want a new car loaded with the latest tech! What should I be sure to look for when shopping?

A: First off, I am impressed that you have kept your Ford running so long. Back in 1991, it was pretty posh to have automatic locks and a conventional airbag. However, now that you're in the market for a new car, there aren't just a lot of tech options: there's a good handful of tech musts. Certain features can enhance your driving experience – and the experience of your passengers. Click or tap here for five essential tech options for your new car.

Best Road Trip Apps

Q: What are great apps to have on your phone for this summer’s trips? I heard of one that lets you bypass security lines. I need that one for sure!

A: Armed with a GPS and a digital camera that rivals almost any point and shoot, you are already well equipped to hit the road. Add to this a free translator and apps designed to organize your luggage, and you'll forge miles ahead of a typical business traveler. However, for true jet setters, some apps will even shuffle you across international borders without waiting in a single long line. There's a lot to be said for travelers who decide to unplug, but if you're bringing your smartphone anyway (or you need to organize your business trip meticulously), the right app can open up many avenues. Click or tap here for 12 incredible travel apps.

Protect Your Bank Account

Q: I am totally freaked out by all the data breaches. How can I make sure my bank accounts details don’t end up in the hands of hackers?

A: I heartily agree with you: there have been so many data breaches recently, inflicted on major, globally respected institutions, that it's hard to believe any company or organization is safe. There are specific security measures you can take on your own, especially when it comes to your account and PIN numbers, and always be careful of public WiFi, spyware, and other susceptibilities. You also have considerable control over the bank you choose and the services you use. However, the smartest tactic is two-factor identification. Click or tap here to learn how to protect your bank account in the wake of data breaches. Click or tap here to learn how to protect your bank account in the wake of data breaches.

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