Alleged Google Nexus Tablet Details Surface At Benchmarking Website

The rumors of an Asus-made Google Nexus tablet have gained more credence thanks to a new entry on a benchmarking website. Android Police's David Ruddock was poking around on Rightware's Power Board when he stumbled across the benchmarks you see above. (Warning: the Rightware website is being hammered and intermittently going offline.)

According to the results, the "Google Asus Nexus 7" was running a quad-core, 1.3-GHz Tegra 3 processor with a 768x1280 screen resolution -- a strange resolution in a 7-inch slate market where everything seems to be either 1280 x 800 or 1024 x 600. Intrigued, Ruddock obtained additional info about the device from Rightware. The raw benchmarking data includes system information about the device; the hardware, board and device name were all listed as "grouper", which fits right into Google's habit of naming Nexus hardware after fish.

The "Nexus 7" device's operating system is another interesting tidbit: it ran on Android "4.1 JRN51B", which Ruddock claims is Jelly Bean, Android's upcoming flavor. Previous suspected sightings of Jelly Bean in the wild also used the JRN distinction. Ruddock dug in to Android Police's server logs and found several other occurrences of Galaxy Nexus devices running "JRN54" and "JRN54F" OS builds, which he says adds legitimacy to the hypothesis.

"While this cannot be concretely verified and could have been faked, we felt it was important enough to share with our readers," Ruddock writes in conclusion. "Guess we'll find out next month."

The Google I/O developer conference takes place at the end of June. Asus and Google are widely expected to announce the Nexus Tablet at the event.

Image credit: Android Police