3 Everyday useful apps to download today

Add these apps to your download list — you’ll use them almost every day to remember new acquaintances' names, find the nearest place to take cash out, and automatically alert your friends you have arrived at their house.

You remember when and where you met them, but you may not always be able to recall their name. A head for names is a great quality, and luckily there's an app to help. Namerick helps you ID someone by assigning a phrase to that person, which can help you recall their name at a later date.

The app is a great tool to have in your pocket whether at a business meeting, school, or even dating — simply type in the person’s name quickly after meeting, then enter a few details in the notes section on their appearance, job, spouse's name, and so on. Then go back and assign them to a group so you can easily search for them later.

The three Rs of long-term memory are covered—recording, retaining, and retrieving.

Download Namerick: Apple iTunes
Mobilewalla score: 79 out of 100

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Here’s how it works:

ATM Hunter
Out of cash? The ATM Hunter uses GPS to guide you towards the closest location in your area, anywhere in the world. The app will also help you avoid fees by searching for your nearest bank.

ATM Hunter tells your exact details of where the ATM is located—like at the gas station, inside the store, while also providing driving directions with a guided map. You can filter your search based on drive-through access, 24-hour service, wheelchair accessibility, surcharge fees and deposit sharing.

Download ATM Hunter: Apple iTunes
Mobilewalla score: 87 out of 100

Pocket Doorbell
In a carpool or picking up a friend? Pocket doorbell alerts them when you arrive out front by sending a text or phone call. Just buzz! No need to search your address book for the contact and type up a message -- just open the app and tap the doorbell.

If someone is not already in your contact list and you have reached their location for the first time, ring the doorbell and choose who you’d like to associate with that pick up. The next time you arrive there, that person’s name will appear within the app, ready for you to ring.

Download Pocket Doorbell: Apple iTunes
Mobilewalla score: 75 out of 100

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